Saturday, 17 January 2015

The Mindsweep Deluxe Edition

This is the last Mindsweep post, I swear! But my physical copy arrived today (2 days before release!) and I couldn't resist sharing it.

The inner box it arrived in was custom...which means I'll have to keep it haha.

And the thing! *heavy breathing*

The vinyl! I must say, I'm a bit bummed that this edition is all built into the book. I had hoped it would be boxed with the regular vinyl & CD releases inside instead.

Signed prints though!

And the CD and DVDs. I already ordered a regular CD copy as this is useless for inflicting on Rob in the car. I say regular, I ordered the Japanese version as it has Slipshod on it!

Despite the disappointment at it not being a boxed set, I don't feel too bad about dropping the money on it. It smells nice, the print looks great, looking forward to reading through the book although it's a little big for that at 12". The problem is I now have to lug this huge thing to Bristol for the signing when I had been hoping to just take out the CD for signing haha.

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