Monday, 12 January 2015

Cosy Club

On Saturday a few of us met up at the Cosy Club. The building was amazing, but I stupidly didn't take any photos in there!

I started off with some tea, which came with a cute cow-shaped milk jug!

I then had a tomato and cheddar panini. It had some kind of pepper in it that didn't taste nice though, and was soggy. So I was pretty disappointed with it! But I'd still try a different one in future.

I couldn't resist a hot chocolate either, though I did resist the chocolate and ginger torte somehow.

Then we played Discworld Ankh-Morpor board game! Well, I was in charge of the pieces as I don't like playing games before I understand them =P

This was my outfit for the day, taken when I was shopping afterwards! I didn't feel like wearing lolita so I just wore an Angelic Pretty dress as it is comfy.

Went in Sports Direct, and they still had the same shoes that I bought for work before, so I bought another pair since mine are wearing through. Also a size down pair of my favourite work-out bottoms, and a sports bra for when I hopefully grow some balls and get my nips pierced haha.

I ended up spending £75 in Primark as they were closing so I just checked out with everything I had in my basket...I need to take some things back! Finally got my Ravenclaw pants though, and the jeans are so comfy (although the ripped knee pair are ripped calf jeans on me...).

Must avoid shops...

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