Saturday, 24 January 2015

Shikari Signing!

Okay, I lied about no more Mindsweep posts...although that's not the main focus here, I guess?

All this week Enter Shikari have been doing signings in various record stores across the country to promote the release of the new album. When I saw that there was a signing in Bristol, and that by some miracle it was at a time I could do, I just HAD to go.

I arrived at Rise a little while before the advertised time, so I had a much needed cup of tea after powerwalking up Park Street. Unfortunatly that meant that by the time I got upstairs the queue was super long, and I had to wait in line for an hour and a half. Lesson learned. I guess arriving early would still mean a similar wait time though, so swings and roundabouts.

By the time it was my turn, the posters had run out (I was the first person to not get one, typical!). However the guy who was taking photos for people etc insisted on going out to get more purely because I had the fancy book version of the release. Success! Huge-ass poster, come at me.

While he was getting those I had a little chat with Rob and Chris, including really bad jokes from Rob!

Then onto Rou and Rory...were they grouped according to facial hair or something? Ahh I feel all silly thinking back, everyone was so nice and I wanted to take them all home in my pocket or something.

Rory almost instantly noticed my galaxy blue toasties (SENPAI NOTICED ME!), and pretty sure this is a photo of that very moment. The photo guy (I feel so bad for not knowing who he is) told him his guitar had competition and that he should get a pair of them too =P

See, galaxy blue guitar!

I was grinning like a loon all the way home. My social anxiety was ripping into me too, but I tried to ignore it. I just felt so dumb that I couldn't think of things to say to them, and I kind of ran off quickly with the second two as I'd used up all my bottle with the first two. Noooooooo! But damn if I get another chance to meet them, I will take it!

And my copy of the album, all scribbled on. Still waiting on my Japanese CD release, and today I ordered the smaller fancy book version from Banquet Records and a signed copy of the vinyl from Rise. Woopsie!

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