Wednesday, 28 January 2015

1,000,000 Valentines

There were a few small ammos on January 6th, so obviously I made a few small orders!

A bunch of old prints were brought back for the 1 Million Followers ammo, but the only thing I bought was the Plum Bath 2.0 Vs Zombie Nation Inside Out Skater Skirt. While I liked the prints a lot more in person than in stock photos, I'm really disappointed with this one. While it is cut the exact same size as regular skater skirts it's way less stretchy, and the tag actually started tearing off when I tried it on. The band is probably too tight on my waist to wear too (despite S size usually coming up a tad loose on me). Boo! At least I know to not bother with them in future.

Secondly there was the Valentines Ammo! The only item I got from this release was the PVC Red Cheerleader Skirt, which I will probably literally only wear once on Valentine's Day...but couldn't resist it anyway! I know Rob will like it haha. Also picked up the Painting The Roses Red Nana Suit Top since someone pointed out they'd look fab together. They weren't wrong!

A few days later I caved and ordered Wet Look Pocjet Leggings since my regular ones (in the wrong size) had arrived and I loved them too much to not get pocket ones. I mean, they're a staple piece, right?

With the next release a week away and 20% off vouchers currently, I may have been naughty and bought $800 of vouchers. Such a saving though...right?

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