Tuesday, 15 November 2016

BMC: The Devil Wears Nylon & Harry Potter

Halloween is always the big release for me as I just love Halloween themes! This year's offering was called The Devil Wears Nylon and while my wishlist wasn't so long as usual, it was only because the prices are so ridiculous that lots of things pruned themselves! But I still ended up with a sizeable haul.

Some of it took a long time to get me and then I was delayed in taking photos thanks to my tattoo, so apologies for this post coming so long after Halloween itself! And apologies for the poor quality of the photos as my phone got stolen so I'm using a super old one.

You know the drill by now, IOD always comes first! Invocation vs Haunted Graveyard Inside Out Dress allows me to get my hands on the Invocation print I missed out on when it was on a midi, although it doesn't look so nice on this shiny fabric. As for the other side, it looked a lot more blue in the site photos, but I prefer it more grey! It is a little similar to Haunted House which was on a previous IOD though.

Since I've been collecting the ouija pieces, the Ouija Board Black Boss Shirt and Ouija Board White BF Bomber were must haves! I'm still not convinced by BF sizing though, and the sizing of the boss shirt was a risk too and it does fit badly (bunches up so badly and gapes if I move my arms even slightly). Death By Disco PVC Skater Skirt is one I didn't intend to get but I got it to bulk up my third order since I loved this print the first time around! Need to make myself start wearing PVC, but it's just not very wearable, huh?

Trick or Treat Business Time Shirt was another risk in terms of sizing as it's a completely new cut, and I haven't tried anything like the Trick or Treat Pumpkin Cuffed Shorts before either. I maybe could have sized down for the shorts as I must be between sizes for them. I don't like the shirt when it's down as it's unflattering, but tied up like this is super cute!

Last but not least, the Voodoo Galaxy Scoop Skater Dress (you can tell this was my iPhone 6, huh?). I was so gutted I missed this print when it was on a boss shirt previously. By the time this was released I'd cooled off the print a bit, and the pastel bits are pixellated and cheap looking compared to the amazing quality of the galaxy background, but I do like it overall as the themes are very me.

I did have to change around my orders a bit, but I missed out on the Gone Batty Yoke Midi Skirt and decided that the Gone Batty Tee Dress would just be too long on me. I kinda wish I'd got the tee now though as I love that print! Two big wants I ruled out on the basis of price are the Voodoo Magic Harness Maxi Dress (so expensive it's over the upper customs limit, so there's no way I could ever have justified it) and The Choker Bralette that I now regret not buying. My only other want from the collection (other than the other PVC items which I really wouldn't wear!) is the Route 66 Skater Skirt, but it isn't limited (a rare occurrence!).

Not Halloween, but I also got the Great Lake vs Great Hall Inside Out Dress from the Halls of Hogwarts collection, and it arrived before 2 of my Halloween orders and blessedly without customs for once! I skipped the Ravenclaw Scoop Skater Dress as I think all those stripes that don't match up are ugly...they should have been designed like school or quidditch robes, damnit!

The release after those was the Marvel New York one, so I guess BM are really into the licenses right now. I guess Christmas must be around the corner, though!

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