Friday, 11 October 2013

Mini Angelic Pretty Haul & FromJapan Review

Since getting ACNL and having the Milky Planet OP on there, I suddenly felt I needed to own the dress in real life. It seemed it was time for a new shopping service, and at the recommendation of some friends, I decided to use FromJapan. Their ordering forms were pretty straight forward for Mbok and the tracking of status was really good too. Bidding on Yahoo was a little more fiddly as you have to add deposit to your account as opposed to paying directly, but fine once you get used to it! I have nothing bad to say of their service at all.

Onto the loot!

Everything was boxed up securely. I got hit by customs and had a panic when tracking showed that I would be charged an altered amount which I assumed meant they saw through my mark-down, but I got charged for what I marked as far as I can tell (more than half of my charge was Parcelforce fees *grumble*).

My items!

The Milky Planet OP that prompted my fated return to auctions! I paid quite a lot for it (around retail), but it turned out to be brand new with tags, so can't really complain.

The collar and apron are both detachable, and it's covered in adorable glitter! I'm not sure about white lace, though.

Next up is the Jewelry Jelly miniskirt! I've been wanting a print one for a while, and I figured 'why not!'. That said I would like to trade it for something black...

More adorable glitter, and colourful built-in flouff that I love so much about this series!

I got this Jewelry Jelly hoodie in the auction too. The pink matches Milky Planet print really well.

Adorable embroidery and lace, and cute charms too!

And a photo of my Jewelry Jelly collection as it stands...u jelly?

I'd definitely use FromJapan again, although I'm going to try hard not too as my lolita collection is pretty ridiculous at the moment! More stuff on its way to me too, so look forward to it.

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  1. Great finds! And I have to do this... but I'm jelly of your Jewelry Jelly collection ^^;