Sunday, 10 June 2012


Soooo on Thursday I made the rather last minute decision that I wanted to go see Biffy Clyro on the Friday in Swindon's Oasis, even if I had to go on my own! I had to buy my ticket on Ebay, but luckily it only cost me £35 (which once booking fees and postage were added onto RRP isn't too far off the price it would have cost originally).

My ticket (photo to come later, forgot to take one Dx lol)! In the end I didn't get it until a few seconds before entering the venue. I thought I was meeting the seller there (and I got badly lost on the way...stupid Swindon and lack of road signs!) but they'd been waiting for me at the station and I was freaking out! But it all turned out fine, thankfully. The wait wasn't nice as I was stressing out and it was cold and a bit wet and everyone else was in friendship groups. Need to find friends with the same taste in music as me Dx

I found a spot at the side of the hall and stuck there for most of the time, although I got a Bulmers from the bar when I first went in. I didn't have enough money to buy a t-shirt...I'd wanted the 'Biffy says relax' one.

The support band was called Pure Love. I'd never heard of them before, but apparently the singer was in a band called Gallows before who I have heard of. They were actually pretty good!

And then Biffy Clyro themselves! This was my third time seeing them, but first time in a small venue and with them as headliners. They were brilliant \(^u^)/

More photos!

Very much looking forward to their new album(s) later in the year now. Should be good!

Quick snap of my outfit I took on the way out of the venue. I love these boots, but my feet were already sore and rubbed from earlier in the week and I now have a really REALLY bad foot (I had to walk almost 2 miles to the train station, the venue was almost a mile from the station there and on the way I doubled that or more from getting lost, standing for the whole thing, and then the same back...)

And I did my nails to say 'MON THE BIFF' although I did it in a rush and made a mess of it.

Sorry about all the music posts recently, I am really into my music again at the moment! I'll try to get back into making lolita-related posts it's just that it hasn't held my interest so much recently OTL.

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