Thursday, 31 May 2012


Once again being a slowpoke, I only watched the Avengers movie yesterday.

I met up with my friend Tiffany to go see it. It's so good to catch up with people you've barely seen for years! I ended up spending a load of money on food, and had my first ever burrito. I had all the veggie fillings there were, so I struggled quite a bit. We also did some colouring in when we were letting our food go down =P

I know Nala's colours aren't right, but then she's pretty much all the same colour...

We ended up going to a 2D screening and having the awesomenesses that are ice blasts.

I loved the movie - it was better than I was expecting! And I really can't pick a favourite character as they're all pretty awesome =3

I'm assuming everyone has seen it already, but if you haven't you should GO SEE IT.

Aaaand after all that I was naughty and went out to Discord ¬_¬ I was supposed to be doing work and stuff, but oh well. A drink was very much needed, and they played better songs than usual, so I regret nothing!

Hoping my life will start being a little less poop, but that doesn't seem likely since it's now the Summer holidays for me and I'll have nothing much to do. I was going to stay here, but I think my mum will make me go home where I'll be trapped indoors the whole time! It's not even like I'd be working as my brother is still ill (although he's out of hospital now - mum discharged him against medical advice =|). But I guess it's probably better to go home as otherwise I'd be here getting drunk out of boredom (ugh bad idea, I know) and avoiding my housemates all Summer...eheheheh.

And once again sorry for the empty-ish blog. I have work to catch up on, and I haven't been able to get to meets due to money issues, having to see Rob at the weekends, and mum demanding that I go home. But hopefully soon!

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