Sunday, 6 May 2012

V&A Meet

Yesterday was the highly anticipated lolita meet at the Victoria & Albert Museum! I only decided to go at the last minute (well, a week in advance), but I'm glad I went!

I had to get up at 6.50am which was a little painful, and ended up leaving the house 5min late because I was watching Dr Who a little too intently. I left my bracelets and lipstick behind by accident, but I somehow got to the train station 10min early! Two quick train journeys later I was in Chippenham, where I met up with Ziggi! The rest of the journey was by car. I'd kept this in mind when choosing my outfit, as lolita in a car isn't comfortable!

We ended up getting there an hour and a half early, so we went into the café for some breakfast. I had a pain au chocolat and a hot chocolate, yum! And of course we admired the lamps and stained glass.

We went to look at the lolita exhibit before everyone else got there. It was really disappointing, only 5 of 9 outfits were actually lolita! One was a kimono, another aristocrat/VK, and one Takuya Angel. And there was NO ANGELIC PRETTY Dx I hadn't understood the exhibit name (Kitty and the Bulldog), but apparently the bulldog is British and the kitty is Hello Kitty, which according to the description inspired, okay. Whatever you say...

The Innocent World outfit, and the cute little bunnies!

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright and Alice And The Pirates. The AATP outfit is really ugly in my opinion, and definitely not an accurate represenation of the brand! I guess they focused too much on the 'Alice'.

Moi-Même-Moitié. Ugh I love this even though it's tacky.

Putumayo. I actually love this! Even if it is kinda ita. I wish I could pull of punk, but I just couldn't wear it as I like to match as much as possible and I just don't feel that in this outfit at all! I adore the shoes though, I wish I could have stolen them!

Once everyone had arrived, we had some photos taken at the entrance. Felt like we were stood there forever, and it started raining Dx We also had photos taken in the courtyard-y section.

My outfit! Just about everyone told me they loved my shoes and asked where I got them. I have a feeling there are more photos of my shoes floating around than of my face! And Ziggi, my museum buddy! We looked at soooo much stuff, and I could have happily stayed there longer.

All the lolitas gathering around!

One of my favourite parts of the museum, all the squat brass instruments!

Can't unsee Professor Quirrell...

My other favourite part - I love keys! Although the place with the books would have been better, but it was closed off =[


Detective Ziggi.

Another shot of the group, during after-picnic charades!

Cheeky detail shot haha.

Although it was cold and wet most of the day, I had a really good time! I'd love to go back to the museum again as it was really interesting, although I still get wound up seeing all that stuff behind glass when it should be being used and loved (inb4 'but you haven't deboxed your ponies yet! They were made to be played with!!', yeah yeah I know =| but a pony and a chair or snazzy piece of jewellery are two different things...).

The journey back wasn't too bad either luckily! And I even managed to inflict Frank Turner on Ziggi =P Although I was so knackered when I got home, and then there was a rat in the house in the evening...ahhhhhh! But yeh, a good day!

There is to be another meet in August, and everyone's hoping we'll get more lolitas then (headcount said 113 for this meet, although I know some people left before the count *cough*Sophie*cough*). Not sure if I'll be able to go, but would like to! Although the actually meet-y bits were mostly photos and thus boring and awkward, but the museum is great so EVERYONE SHOULD GO.

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  1. I'm glad that there were other stuff to see even though the lolita exhibit was disappointing.
    What a cute colorful outfit!
    Such a big turnout, so many lolitas!
    Now I can't unsee Professor Quirrell..