Monday, 7 May 2012

I Gave My Eyes To Stevie Wonder

I haven't much to blog about recently, so have a music video!

I only heard this song for the first time a few days ago, but I love it so much! And I think the video is cool too, even if it is odd to see Frank Turner with that much hair =P

Here are the lyrics:

Credit cards, sealed lifts and covert sanitation, processed meat and a national waste disposal system:
The scale of deception begs the question what it is we're burying.
Cosmetics, contact lenses and plastic surgery:
Bulk orders for yet more imperial finery.
Double-glazing for phasing out suspicions that this is really happening.
It seems this season the cool kids are sporting white canes and braille zines.
And when I close my eyes am I invisible?
An embarrassed smile and you assume that I'm being rhetorical.
But if I don't see it die, this animal is invincible.
I won't catch your eyes tonight,
I will stutter my way through naked poverty until I'm across the street (safe).
I justified giving my eyes to Stevie Wonder with some spiel about a sense of wonder to discover,
But I was hiding under cover of the excuse of helplessness.
I fell in line with the cool kids and spared my eyes instead of change.
I just called to say that someone moved my furniture around,
And so I fell down,
And I hatched a plan here sprawled on the ground.
So hey, what do you say,
We pack our things and call it a day.
Some come round,
Let's lose that frown,
And you and I will leave this town behind.

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