Monday, 30 April 2012

The breaking of the ban was the making of the man

I was supposed to stop buying clothes because I have no room for any more stuff but can't seem to part with anything. But sometimes you just can't help yourself, am I right?

After trying on all those things in New Look the other day, I thought I'd browse their website. Turns out a sale just started, and there were a few bits I couldn't resist getting!

I ordered Friday night and just picked my order up this afternoon.

Let there be colour!

These jeans were the main reason for my order. I already have a pair of lilac jeans, but I love acidwash and they were only £12! Unfortunately they are really small at the waist, but I doubt they have any left now for me to exchange them. I can wear them, I just get an unfortunate muffin-top enhancement that I could do without. A bigger size would be huge on the legs though as they're pretty loose - I was expecting super-skinny since they looked it in the picture (and it's not like I have twiggy legs)! They could also do with being taken up. And they smell BAD. To be honest, most of the clothes I got have an odd smell.

Since lilac is my favourite colour, I thought I might as well get this cropped jumper since it was only £4!

I wasn't sure about getting this as it looked so huge and unflattering on the model and was still £5, but Rob said I should get it and I think the print is gorgeous. I haven't tried it yet though, if it's terrible I'll either return it or keep it for if I can get a denim jacket (I'll stitch the alicorn/unipeg to the back of the jacket).

I don't really have any bracelets, and I think this will work well with most of my wardrobe. I feel kinda bad for buying though as it was £4! But I don't think I could find one cheaper unless I go to Primark (which would cost me £5 for the bus anyway).

And this dip-dye tee. Obviously it isn't for me as it's biiiiig haha. I showed it to Rob all like 'YOU HAVE TO GET THIS IT'S AWESOME' and he said 'okay' =P

I also went into New Look on Saturday with my friends. I decided I wanted to buy that dip-dye cardigan that I had tried on before (it was sold out online) so I went to look for it...but it wasn't there! But then when we went towards the sale racks and something mint caught my eye. I ended up screeching and running over to it while flailing my arms. I don't even regret it!

My buys!

DAT CARDIGAN. It was still £14, but since I'd been considering it at £22 I don't regret it...although chances are it'll be reduced further. I ended up buying the size bigger than the one I tried on since I'm gaining weight Dx

And a baggy vest top for £2. I needed tops like this, and this is actually the only plain lilac top I have! I'll use it loads over Summer.

Obviously now I have to try hard to not spend again, which means pushing back my Bodyline order yet again (I still need to buy that seifuku in a bigger size) and that I still can't afford one of those Sailor Moon necklaces by Kuma Crafts =[ Boo! But at least I haven't been buying lots of things from eBay! There are still a few bits I want to get though, dip-dye shorts being top of the list. They are quite expensive though, the cheapest were £20 in New Look...I might have to try them anyway though! It's either that or make my own (obviously they'd be pink and lilac!). We'll see.


  1. So many cute buys :) Might have to check out the sale myself now hehe

  2. i want the cropped lilac jumper!! the vest top is see thru sadly :( x

    1. Thought it would be, glad I got that one instead of the aztec-y one as that one was even more see-through! And apparently this jumper leaves lilac fluff everywhere Dx haha.