Sunday, 15 April 2012

Procrastination for Creation

I've always loved drawing, but it isn't something I have much time to do anymore. Since everything at work has gone pear-shaped I have had no motivation to work, so I put more effort into art!

I often make cards for people instead of buying them, because birthday cards are just so boring! You will have seen this in the last post, the card I made for Sophie based on one of her favourite lolita prints - Stained Glass Angel. I thought I'd post some of my progress shots, since I haven't blogged much (and now I am spamming you. Mwahahahaha!).

This was my reference photo, taken by Sophie herself. As you can see, I had to improvise and simplify a little!

Here's the line-art. I did in pencil first, starting with the overall outlines and working down to the detail, going over each part in pen and erasing the pencil as I went to avoid smudging. It's not perfect, but then I'm not that great at art ^_^'

Supplies! I had to the painting at home as I needed the table (usually I just sit on bed and lean against a book). I was really worried about using watercolours as they're my least favourite paint, but my acrylics seem to have disappeared and watercolour is more fitting for the print anyway. I had to be brave!

The risk paid off! I'm pleased with the result, and am now really looking forward to my next project!

Sadly it will have to wait until I've planned and gained ethical approval for my study, but once I'm gathering data I know what I'd like to do next! I'll probably keep you updated ;]

Oh, and I used bigger images in this post as I felt they were kind of needed...but I don't like them. They mess up my layout!