Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Today was even more stressful than I thought it would be!

Today was the first day we were able to choose our final year options. However, they didn't bother telling us what time the webpage would go up. I checked at midnight, and then got up at 7.45ish to keep checking. The link to the page kept appearing and disappearing, it was so frustrating and my heart-rate would go crazy every time and make me feel sick! The page didn't go up until 3pm in the end, so I was refreshing a page for seven hours. SEVEN. HOURS. Ridiculous. And we won't know if we got our choices until after the registration ends in May Dx

Here are the options I went for in the end. I spent hours yesterday trying to decide on the first semester ones as none of the modules stood out to me, so I just went for a variety of things I thought would be interesting! The worries come about the second semester ones though, as there are only 18 places on Cyberpsychology which is the module I want to do most. That's 18 places between around 200 people. Even though I submitted my options about 2 minutes after the page went up, it's still such a slim chance because everyone who wanted that module did the same! Hoping I got Clinical too, as pretty much everyone wants to take that. Hopefully the course is big enough that they have a place for me!

Dreading next year even if I do get the modules I want. Will be so much hard work, and most of the modules have essays and oral presentations instead of exams. I feel like the one person who'd rather have exams =|

In better news, since I was up so early I was able to snag some Frank Turner tickets as soon as the priority page went up! I'm going to the show in Bath, although if my friends decide to go to the Brighton show too I might see if I can tag along =P

Phew! I'm pretty exhausted now. I finally get to have my shower now, and then I might have a nap ^_^'

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