Monday, 30 April 2012

Sushi Carnival

On Saturday I met up with some friends for the day! I was a little stressed in the morning and ended up changing my outfit at the last second. I got the bus instead of walking, which got stuck in traffic. I was just in time for the second bus, but it was the one 20 minutes after the one I'd aimed for! Would have quicker to walk, but then I'd have missed seeing a sort-of cute guy on the second bus. He kinda looked like a less skinny Frank Turner.

I had intended to not spend much money and was going to skip lunch, but we ended up going to Yo Sushi and I loooooove sushi. So I ended up spending £7.50 on food there Dx

All of us there! I had green tea, cucumber maki, tamago nigiri, and vegetable yakisoba. All my favourites! Except the green tea, which tasted like bathwater...

Then we went for a wander around the shops! I went a bit mad in New Look and ended up spending money...major shopping ban fail! I'll make a separate post for the things I bought though. I took a rubbish outfit shot in Urban Outfitters (after trying on some Vivienne Westwood shoes that weren't wide enough for my feet *sobs*).

We ended up in the Teahouse Emporium again. For some reason I decided to have lavender tea even though I don't like lavender, but it just sounded nice! I'm an idiot. The first cup was okay, but it ended up tasting mintier and mintier, and I hate mint. I'll actually read about the teas properly next time!

All the girlies!

We must have gone in quite late as they were trying to kick us out when we'd barely finished. I have no idea how it was so packed when we went in but then emptied without us really noticing! Somehow there was another semi-attractive guy working there, although he called me 'madam' which I didn't take kindly to. (If you're wondering why I'm documenting guys spotted, it's because I NEVER EVER EVER see any good looking guys hahaha. They are a rare breed).

It was odd when everyone left because even though I was reaaaally tired it didn't seem like we spent that much time together! And we didn't even go to the pub!!

I had to rush back to get changed, and since the bus went straight past me when I was waiting to cross the road I had to outrun it to the next stop *again* How I keep making it, I do not know. I'm a frilly sprinting machine. I went to a wedding party with Rob in the evening, but it was really boring as I didn't know anyone and they played crap music. I was wearing really high heels though so I was actually as tall as everyone for once (although my ankles are still paying the price!). But had a really yummy takeaway afterwards =D

How are my Saturdays always so busy? I remember when I used to just sleep all day on Saturdays!

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