Monday, 16 April 2012

Magic & Modules

FINALLY, Pottermore is open to everyone! I already sped through The Philosopher's Stone yesterday ^_^' My username is WingRiver6774 if anyone wants to add me. I'm a Ravenclaw, not that it will come as a surprise.

In more Muggle-y news, I have to pick my options for my final year on Wednesday. Although registration is open for two weeks, places are on a first come first served basis (one module has only 18 places), so I want to get them done as soon as registration opens if possible. Which may mean sitting on my laptop refreshing SAMIS all night!

But I don't know which ones to do! I have an idea for second semester (though I still need to look back over and consider it all), but no clue at all for semester one. Which means I'll have to spend all tomorrow (after my meeting) Googling all the topics, trying to figure out what everything is and what appeals to me most. I don't really have a clue what interests me though! And topics such as psychoanalysis are really interesting, but not really relevant and I did terribly in my essay about Freud last year Dx And I wish I could continue with Neuroscience, but it's just too difficult and they didn't give us enough help. I find it interesting and it makes me feel brainy, but too much work and waaaaay too much risk, especially when you consider that I need at least a 2:1 and my current grade is only just that.

I think I'll have to try to see what will be most relevant to my dissertation topic. Boo. My poor dissertation! I am behind on ethics as I was unable to do any work last week due to being at home and thus being lazy, and now I'm just panicking about options. I think I'll have to go up to campus afterall, as here I just keep procrastinating!

I'll be so stressed out on Wednesday morning though, worrying that I picked the wrong things or that I'll miss out on my Cyberpsychology and Clinical Psychology places, and also I'll be buying tickets to Frank Turner's gig in Bath that morning too. Eeek!

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