Tuesday, 10 April 2012

General Update

Sorry about neglecting you guys, but I just switched to the new Blogger and have been scared to try writing a post as it all looks so different. I hate change *grumblegrumble* ...and it seems I now have to code in paragraphs myself (I always write straight into HTML as it tends to mess up less!).

I haven't really been up to all that much! Work-wise my old study has fallen through as we couldn't get a long enough wire for the EMG. We tried running the EEG outside of the box, but there was just too much electrical interference so we couldn't see the brain waves at all. So now I have to start from scratch doing something completely unrelated...and naturally, I'm feeling really unmotivated! I only have 10 weeks to get ethical approval and get all my data though, so I ought to get my butt into gear!

Lolitawise, there was a picnic meet a while ago!

It was strange as there were so many people I didn't know, and my other half wanted to come (I'd invited him as a joke and he actually wanted to come, ahaha).

I only stayed for the picnic, but the others went on to the fashion museum! I hadn't been in a museum mood (I prefer to do such things alone).

Other than that, I haven't been up to much! I got a little collection of eggs for Easter I suppose (and I have another at my uni house), and had fun wearing my ears again.

Candy-cat liked them too.

This is the last day of a 5-day weekend. So this is the last day I can get away with not working! I also have to choose my modules for next year on the 18th, and have no idea what to take. Psychology is getting dull ^_^'

I should have things to write about later this week though, as I have a busy weekend ahead! Sadly I'm missing out on more frilly stuff though =[

Anywho, off to do some watercolour now! This may be disastrous.

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