Friday, 28 October 2011

Last Few Weeks

I've been pretty lazy blogwise, and for that I apologize!

We had a casual meet-up in Bath last Saturday, which a lot of fun! It's always great to see everyone again =3 I wore a Hallowe'en-y coord as I don't think I'll be doing anything fun on Hallowe'en (I have a meeting...funsies).

My research plans have been coming along quite a lot...I hate them! It's hard enough to get someone to do a 10 minutes questionnaire, but this will be a longitudinal study requiring 12 hours of participation per person!! It also involves violent video games that I'll have to witness, which I hate as they give me nightmares (really can't handle gore or violence). I'll also have to use an EEG, which looks really complicated, impossible to understand and I'll have to touch people's heads. And I have issues touching people I don't know. Or even people I do know. Just...uncomfortable. I like personal space thanks haha.

But, hopefully it all goes well. I really really REALLY hope we get good results, as it's pretty new stuff that no one else has done before so we could get published in a really good journal! I might not be that interested in doing Psychological research again, but it has always been a kind of dream to have my name on a paper.

Not much else to report really! Although after I made the decision to cut all my hair off people have been saying how nice my hair is long and I've realised just how cold I'll be over Winter...don't know what to do!

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  1. I love that dress ♥___♥ It's so sweet : 3