Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Bad Week Rant

Only two days in and it has already been a really bad week.

Sunday evening I overheard my housemates talking about what a bitch I am. They don't even know me at all and haven't made any effort to talk to me at all, so how can they jump to this conclusion? So now I hate my housemates totally and am paranoid and feel lonely and depressed. The joy.

Also trying to get hold of Finn since we were supposed to be going to see Adam Ant on Friday, but he hasn't replied and it's probably too late for me to get a ticket in time now.

Yesterday I had a meeting in the morning and only realised when I was due to leave that I'd left my bus pass at home and I didn't have any money at all. I had to get a lift from my bf and I was still 10min late for the meeting...which was really short and pointless.

I was meeting my aunt and gran afterwards in town so they gave me my bus pass. But I had to walk to town in the rain. We were Christmas shopping, but I didn't find a single thing I liked.

Get back home, and the boiler now makes ridiculously loud noises as if it's about to explode whenever someone has a shower. Then my light goes dim and starts buzzing. And some ass on eBay refunds me with no explanation, because their item sold for too little...which you are NOT ALLOWED TO DO and now I'm without phone case again (and I really need one as iPhone 4s shatter when you drop them!).

Today I try to change my lightbulb and a bit of the light fitting falls off when I take the bulb out, so now I have no light at all. Which means I can't do my work as it's too dark...I'm pretty screwed now as I can't even see the stuff on my bed to tidy up. And I need to have read 4 really long papers by tomorrow which I now can't do. Unless I sit downstairs in the living room which has damp sofas and other people's mess, and where assholes who hate me for no reason will keep walking past. I also received an item I bought off eBay which is incomplete, which annoys me too.

And tomorrow I have to get up really early (when it will still be pitch black outside, and thus also inside) and go to a meeting where I have to present a research idea, for research I don't understand at all and I get too nervous in front of people to speak at all, let alone stand up in front of them and talk about something I'm too thick to understand.

And I haven't even had any chances to wear lolita for absolutely ages which means I have thousands of pounds worth of clothes lying unused in my wardrobes, and I'm way too far in to leave lolita...especially since I'd probably lose my only friends by doing so.

So all in all I'm really frustrated and have no way of letting out my frustration other than ranting on the internet, which doesn't help as I'd rather be smashing something.


  1. Hi,

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  2. HI Abbey... well these few days you described really seem to be unusually dark I hope your week has gotten better as of now! ^^
    first you should get your lightbulb replaced (if you haven't yet) and then I would just approach your roommates and ask them why they never try to talk to you (maybe you give off some aura? =P), you don't have to mention their bitching you overheard but maybe get them to explain their point of view and understand them better. If they can talk to you about what's bugging them about you they might not bitch behind your back again.
    Anyway... cheer up! ^^