Monday, 28 November 2011

Saying Goodbye

I've always been a hoarder, and with my lolita clothing I seem to have an even harder time of parting with things.

Up until now I'd only been able to part with things that didn't fit, or that I never liked (such as lucky pack items or when I bought my first items which were the cheapest you could get on Bodyline...).

However, today I parted with something much more special. My first Angelic Pretty item, which was my second brand piece, and my first brand 'main' piece.

I feel so sad about selling it! But it was just a piece I never really wore. When I bought it I found it uncomfortably tight, and while I can still get it on now my waist is a good few inches bigger than before! It's also a really heavy piece so it always fell a little too long for my taste. I only wore it once, back when I still didn't even have a blouse (and I looked absolutely terrible!). But I still love it - it's pretty unusual, cute, and everything you could want in a Winter piece. I actually like it a lot more now than when I bought it, but it's too bulky to store (I have negative room at the moment...) and due to it being a more seasonal piece I thought it was time to let it go.

I really hope it arrives to its new owner swiftly and safely, and that they get the enjoyment and use out of it I never did!

I also parted with another piece, a Metamorphose tote bag. Along with a broken graphics tablet, a Popteen magazine and a MLP book, I made just over £100 on eBay. Which at first sounds awesome, but I paid out for the postage on all but one item (£8) and I'm sure fees will be a bitch as always. But still better than having stuff lying around unused! Hope some of my other items shift too so I start saving some money up.

Shameless eBay plug is shameless.

More items I love to bits and don't want to part with, but I need to get rid of about 20 pieces if I want to fit them into my house, and ideally I'd like to fit them into my wardrobe!

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