Monday, 14 November 2011

Small Haul

Finally received the last of my things from Celga! The plan is to not buy from Japan again...

Only a couple of items this time!

Emily Temple Cute Mermaid Print of my dream dresses, but it's too small! I can just about get it on but apparently I'm an inch too big in the bust so it gives me a boob-loaf. So gutted, I can't really keep it as it looks too small. I thought there was a shirred version but I can't find one, and I don't think I'd wear the skirt. Just can't believe it. I never thought I'd be unable to wear a dream piece because of my size =[

My wig! Heh I'm too dumb to figure it out though, and it frizzed as soon as I got it out of the packet. It's kinda too thin too, but I guess it was a cheap one. Fringe needs a trim on it and needs restyling, not sure I'm the person for the job =P I also have too much hair for wigs really.

Angelic Pretty jacket and skirt set. This was an impulse buy, so glad I bought it though as the jacket will come in really handy over Winter! The buttons are so tackily sparkly too, I love it!!

Aaaaaaaaaand a MIB Rainbow Dash as I had credit left over. Seems odd they released her in Japan since she comes with an English-language book (supposed to be a CD too, but can't see maybe she isn't MIB). I have so many ponies now, you wouldn't believe hehe.

In other news, things haven't gotten much better. My week continued to be bad, and I was annoyed at my housemates for using my pans anyway but just gone downstairs and found my housemate cooking MINCE in MY pan. So now I need to buy a new one because it's contaminated, and yet I don't want to upset her so I didn't say anything and I'm just crying in my room now. I put a note down there saying not to use it, but she carried on anyway. I feel sick that they've been using my pan for meat =/ And now I can't eat any vegetables because I have no pan to cook them in, as if I wasn't eating unhealthily enough already.

Sorry, bit of a rant there! Some things have improved though, I now have a big lamp from home in my room so I don't have to sit in the dark, and my dad is coming to fit a new light tomorrow! So I should probably tidy my room a little...


  1. i know how you feel with the meat issue, i have to wash everything here before i use it and even then i dont feel entirely comfortable :( still, chin up we will drown our sorrows on saturday!

  2. I'm sorry the dress doesn't fit! I wouldn't have imagined that it was so small.
    ohh that jacket is so cute!
    and wow.. your housemate needs to learn some respect!