Sunday, 20 November 2011

Super Long Loli Day!

Yesterday was such a long day! Luckily it was awesome and I got to spend it with some of the best people ever ;]

I managed to forget to get a full outfit photo, so here's it laid out on my bed from when I was planning. Not the kind of thing I'd usually wear, but we'd agreed offbrand would be best for the evening. So here it is - Milky Planet skeleton!

I met Sophie in town around midday. We went to what was supposed to be a vintage market...which turned out to be a farmers' market, which was pretty lame! Not the kind of things you can buy for others for Christmas! Instead we wandered around town, went in a cute cafe (where I was a piggy and had a huge sundae!), and sat in a pub for a while to rest our feet. We ended up getting stalked at one point, luckily we managed to lose him eventually =|

Me with a centurion ;]

Sadly Sophie had to leave at about 5, so I went over to Bexy's to while away the time before the lolita drinking session (I was a little too spooked to stay in town on my own!). About an hour later we went to the Hob for epic rori drinkings...and weird photos!

Several drinks later, we made our way back to Bexy's for music and drunken singing/dancing. Involving an awful lot of k-pop...

Was a really awesome day, but after wearing my clunky platforms all day and not getting back home until 4am, I'm pretty exhausted now! So much so that I forgot it was Sunday and now all the shops are closed and I don't have anything to eat for tea. Not ideal, since I barely ate anything yesterday and need my energy to finish off my report tonight. Oops. Trying to figure out if I can afford some chips from somewhere. Not a bad day though, caught up on some sleep, trying to rest my aching bones and have listened to every Frank Turner song I have in my iTunes in preparation for seeing him Wednesday!

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