Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Bodyline Buys

Like a lot of lolitas, I just *had* to take advantage of the £1 shipping that Bodyline has been offering. I haven't ordered from them for a while as their prices are too much nowadays, but I knew I wanted the military JSK when it was released and I was in need of shoes too, so I jumped at the chance!

Here's the JSK! I had a hard time choosing colour as I liked pink and red too, but decided I have too much of those colours already. Thus, I was brave and went for this green. It's much prettier in real life, and the material is the usual stretchy Bodyline fabric. The only problems I've found so far are that the gold trim is scratchy (although at least it's pretty, unlike the horrific lace they stuck on the OP) and the waist ties aren't detachable. This cost me only £25, which I think was a bargain! I didn't buy the matching headbow though as it was £8 and had aforementioned icky lace.

I did however buy the matching socks. Although they don't match. The colour is totally different. I don't know why I was surprised, last time I bought matching socks from them they didn't match at all either =P They're sweet though (hope they fit around my calves without deforming too much!). They cost £4.

The shoes I decided on. I needed some red shoes as I have 2 red skirts and 2 red JSKs, along with other items which have red in the print. I had wanted boots but they looked really cheap (but weren't actually cheap!), and considered tea party type shoes, but went for these in the end as they have a heel and I'm dwarfed by most of my local community! I went for 23 in size which I think is as well-fitting as they could be, but they DO NOT fit! I'd been worrying about length and width, forgetting that I have really deep feet. Even with the straps on the longest length they're really tight, as is the ankle strap due to where it is placed (because I'm sorry, I do not have fat ankles...and I thought Bodyline was supposed to be plus friendly anyway?). Hoping they'll stretch out with wear, although my feet will still look deformed in them. And the style of shoe makes my feet look massive, so I wouldn't recommend them for bigger-footed ladies (but then I might just be being paranoid mwahaha). They were £25.

Aaaaaan 2 pairs of tights, just because! I wear tights a lot (since I usually wear shorts rather than jeans), and I thought these were pretty cute. They only cost £2 per pair. Hope they fit, I do generally have problems with tights - either they're too small to fit around my thighs or they're too baggy at my ankles!

I could have spent so much more on Bodyline, but think I kept it to a reasonable level (£59, marked down to avoid customs). That said, I am rather tempted to make another order for tutu skirts before the shipping is raised again as I kinda need them for fairy-kei.

Also I bought this cutie yesterday as a Christmas hair accessory. I had been hunting for ponies, but to no I went in to 25th Dec to cheer myself up! I'll probably have to change the clip on it though - I didn't realise that it's plastic, so it doesn't give enough grip on my hair. But then, it *is* supposed to be a Christmas decoration =P

Aside from that, my buys recently have been limited to toys for my collection and Christmas gifts for others! There are a couple of Glitterhell items I definitely want to buy, but until the seller makes a size chart I can't risk ordering anything (and knowing my luck, they'll probably sell out before then).

Have you guys bought anything cool recently? Anyone else done a Bodyline order?


  1. Hiya, I've been following your blog for a while now, and ooooh yes, I could have spend SO MUCH on BL now, haha.
    I have the same type of shoes in black and white, and I love how massive they are, but that's just me. :D
    Maybe you could try and pierce another hole in the strap? There is usually a tool for that on Swiss army knives.
    The jsk is so cute in mint! ^^

  2. I ordered a jsk and some shoes on the 30th I will post pictures when it arrives