Thursday, 17 November 2011

Christmas Lights

Sorry for neglecting my blog! I'll try to write more posts from now on. I've been sleeping a lot and panicking about my placement and research and yet not doing much work. Trying to get it all together. Next week should be no problem as I'm actually doing things for once!

In the afternoon I met Rob in town for some pony-hunting! He wasn't particularly enthused, but I gave him an early Christmas gift of Rush cassettes for him to use in his car to make up for it =P We didn't bother going in any charity shops and hunted for G4s instead, and I ended up getting these.

Can never have too many Pinkie Pies!! Although I have almost 20 of her now...eeek! I found her in WHSmith, this is the first luggage one I've seen. Dewdrop Dazzle came from Snook's, she was the only single there I don't have already (I can't afford the sets or bigger ponies).

Took a sneaky outfit shot while in M&S. Pretty messy because I was told it would be cold (it wasn't), so I even wore jeans under my uncouth! And I decided to keep my lovely Emily Temple Cute JSK for now, hooray! Also in this photo you can see my new phone. I haven't taken a proper photo of it yet, but when I do I'll share.

In the evening the Christmas lights were finally turned on in Bath, after having been up for about two months already! John Cleese turned them on...I'd kinda wanted to see that, but Rob was really tired and I wasn't feeling up to the task of trying to keep him amused whilst waiting outside in a crowd of people, so we went to Wetherspoons instead. I had a lovely curry, although I'm still annoyed they don't do the one I used to have anymore.

Came home early and have just been chilling out really (as much as one can do when they have a meeting with their supervisor tomorrow and they still don't understand anything about the subject area). Going to have a pretty hectic weekend what with meeting up with friends, finishing a report and whatever else I need to catch up on!

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