Thursday, 24 November 2011

Frank Turner!

I saw him again last night and he was AMAZING!

The journey there was a bit of a pain as we had to go from Bristol as trains didn't come back to Bath late enough, and we got lost trying to find a carpark which then turned out to have tickets expire at midnight, so we had to go to another carpark which cost £15 more...crazy, right? We went in Toys R Us on the way though, so I bought some ponies and a ginormous Hello Kitty bag, mwahaha.

For most of the show we stood at the which was raised and behind the seating area. Really odd venue, but we figured that was the best place for us to stand so we could both see (even wearing huge platforms doesn't help much when a lot of guys are a foot taller than you). I didn't have my camera though because it's bulky and I wouldn't have wanted to hold onto it if we were in the pit, which is a shame as I'd have been able to get some good photos! I had my spare phone with me, but I'd forgotten that the camera is only good in natural light, so excuse the grainy messes that follow.

We got to the venue at the perfect time - once we'd gotten in, the first act started! It was Franz Nicolay and he was really funny!

The second act was Emily Barker and the Red Clay Halo, whose music was lovely but a bit *ahem* boring for such a situation. You couldn't really boogie to it! Although when Frank came our for 'Fields of June' the place livened up a little =P

The crowd had been pretty quiet...until Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls took to the stage! I can't even explain how amazing they were, they played the best set list EVER which included ALL of my favourites. Some of the lights really added to the perfomance, even though the strobes blinded me a little. But there were mirrored disco balls! I wish I could go back in time and do it all again! I'd probably try to get closer since I couldn't see Frank's cute smile from where I was ¬_¬ hehe.

Rob wasn't nearly impressed enough, but then apparently when he said he'd come he didn't think I was being serious. Um, what? Of course I was! If I'd known he wasn't at all fussed I'd have gone by myself and saved the £30 I paid for his ticket and train fare, and just camped out in Temple Meads overnight!

I was kinda bummed we had to leave straight after the show finished, since Frank was going to the bar after and I would have loved to meet him. But probably best saved for a time when the boyfriend isn't there being unecessarily jelly.

Was a long journey home, what with the train, walking across Bristol, driving back and getting stopped by police on the way (Rob's car flagged up on their system as not insured...even though it is, but on an obscure policy. Apparently they usually take people's cars straight off them if this happens, even though they said themselves that some insurers don't give the police details...which is pretty damn unfair. But yeh they let us carry on our merry way luckily!). I only got home this morning, and am now freezing my butt off in my room not wanting to do my work! But plenty to be done ^_^'

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