Sunday, 23 October 2011

I'm the spirit of my hair

Right, so I’ve pretty much decided that the only way I can get my hair to look nice and be healthy is by cutting it really short and starting from scratch.

The trouble is, I’m a total long hair person. I may like short styles on other people, but I like having long hair. I like tying it all up on top of my head for bed and using it as a scarf in the winter.

Yes, it will grow back. But I hate having medium length hair! And I’ll probably have to have a bob at some point, and I just hate them (just reminds me of the Spice Girls from when I first got my hair all cut off to look more like Posh …shudders

And it’ll completely stump me lolita-wise. Most head/hair accessories look dumb enough on me anyway as my hair is so flat and straight…making it short too means Angelic Pretty headbows will be pretty much off the cards.

But maybe the change would be a good thing. I’m really stuck in a rut at the moment and am bored stupid by pretty much everything. I’m bored of being lonely and having no friends, so I’m going to be more outgoing and MAKE people hang out with me. I’m bored of my relationship, so I vow to be more spontaneous. I’m bored of my placement, so I intend on giving it my all to try to get the most out of it.

So maybe I can make my drastic haircut signal a new start.

I hope I’ll do better this time.


  1. I hate having short/medium length hair, im really trying to grow mine out, but it doesnt seem to be budging (although after I straightened it, it looked a bit longer! My hair was a mess Saturday D:) But maybe instead of cutting it all off you could get it trimmed? Then wait a few months and get it trimmed again? That way it would encourage it to grow and get rid of any split ends etc. xxx

  2. Good luck with the hair challenge!
    Maybe you can try a wig with lolita just for the hair accessories?
    Being lonely, that's me right now too. I'm just not the type of person that invites other people out.

  3. I did think of just getting a trim, but it's pretty damaged! A couple of inches have turned ginger from split ends ^_^' I think I'll ask my hair dresser what's best or just decide on a whim. I figure I'm due a change anyway, and it only took two years to grow my hair this long anyway!

  4. Did you cut it?? Have you tried getting a deep conditioning treatment?? I know the struggles of hair, and I had to do the whole cut it drastically short mess too @ . @ So good luck with whatever you decided o wo

  5. No, I haven't cut it...since I decided to cut it people started saying how lovely my hair is Dx So I can't decide again!