Sunday, 9 October 2011

Frills of Bath

Yesterday was the Bath meet...finally! I had been looking forward to it for ages as I haven't had many opportunities to dress up over the Summer.

I ended up missing my bus though...and walking 2 miles in rocking horse is rather hellish. As it happens, I got to the meeting point at the same time as the bus anyway, but I'd have rather saved my feet a little! As usual got stares and comment on the way. Some girl made her mum come OUT OF THEIR HOUSE to point and stare at me. I was stared at by a dog. Honked at. 'You don't see many of those'. And later in the day when I was alone again, I was outright laughed at by some shitty little preteens. It would have gotten to me more, but I was really happy with my outfit so I could ignore it a little more that day. Still so rude though =/

Anywho, we met at the station before going to the tea shop! That's the best group picture I could find so far (not many people have uploaded their photos yet), but not everyone was in the photo...and I look forever alone in it because I don't like standing too close to other people!

My outfit! Mostly Wonder Story series. Pretty much everything is Angelic Pretty apart from the BTSSB cardigan, H&M hair roses, Metamorphose locket, Bodyline clock necklace and Antaina Shoes. I love my cardigan (the hood has bunny ears!) but it doesn't stay on my shoulders at all, which is why it looks so untidy!

We spent a long time at the tea shop for lunch, although we had to sit outside as there were too many of us to fit indoors! I was boring and had a Diet Coke instead of tea, since I needed something chilled for my throat (still a little bit ill).

Afterwards we went to the Holburne Museum for a look around! It was a nice place, but I was really not in a museum mood that day so I got a little bored...I'll have to go back another time though.

We ended up going into a fabric shop on the way back, and I wish more than ever that I had a sewing machine! I was drawn to all the Christmas ones, mainly because I love the colours and some of them had glitter =D I'm pretty sure I'm going to go back for some forest animal fabric as it was so beautiful and would make a lovely classic lolita skirt. I need to find a tutorial for making one first though...and man up because I'd need to hand-sew it!

I had to go home after that and miss out on going to the Hob because I didn't want to miss my bus again and my feet we in agony! I managed to twist my ankle getting off the bus and now my knee feels funny =[ Other than that, it was a good day though!

Now I need to decide whether to go to the South lolita meet next week or not. Train & entrance fee alone will cost £30, and that's before any food or drink. And the fact that I'll miss out on going home again...and I miss a quiz my family is going to. I love quizzes =[ HELP MEEEEE why can't I be in two places at once?


  1. So cuuuuute!! That's such a nice color~

    Omg, I could maybe walk the one mile in lolita and platforms, but TWO?? You are stronger person than I XD

  2. Cutie outfit!
    I got some laughs from kids(and adults) for my fashion choices, and also for my hair (afro most of the time)...bleh