Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Black Milk Birthday & Cyber Sale

Wow sorry I only seem to blog about Black Milk purchases recently...is that better or worse than not blogging at all?

On November 26th there was a Birthday Ammo release to celebrate 5 years of Black Milk! I was torn between 2 colours of the dress, and the release was a mess (only 1 item went up on the tab for the release at first!).

I'm actually really disappointed with the Lilac Lace Skater Dress as it's crazy unflattering, but I love the colour in person. I still think sky blue would have suited me better, but honestly I think I'll have to sell it anyway as it makes me look really fat. I also picked up Card Suit Black Hosiery as I want ALL the hosiery! Annoyingly I got caught by customs on this one. There was also a sort of early Cyber Sale on the 28th, so I couldn't resist grabbing some things!

Since I love the toasties I own already and was already planning on buying more I grabbed Hamlet Black Toasties and Galaxy Purple Toasties. I think I already had Wet Look Black Leggings and Braaains Long Sleeve Crop in my basket, but the former was in the sale anyway! These were supposed to get customs but I think the postie delivered them by accident.

I then went back for the Wallpaper Pink Zip Dress which I had been eyeing since the original release, and decided to cave and buy Chainmail HWMF Leggings and Chainmail Play Dress from the Chainmail Ammo that I had resisted at first. I'm not sure about the pink as it's so creased and the colour and cut don't flatter me, but the Chainmail print looks so amazing in person!

And one last return before the sale ended to scoop up an I Eat Oily Mice Zip Suit. It hasn't arrived yet, but I figured I'd post this now as IEOM photographs really badly on my camera anyway! I wish I hadn't bought it so I could have got the dress in the Museum Release...I highly doubt I will ever wear it.

I spent soooo much money in the sale, but I also managed to miss several things I wanted! Probably for the best. I can buy in restocks when I have money again ;P

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