Tuesday, 2 December 2014


The latest Black Milk collection, Wrapped, was a bit of an odd one for me. I love all the matte jade pieces, but just couldn't justify buying any of them at the time of release so I now have to wait for restocks.

I didn't like the Fireworks Vs Not Actually Sequin Inside Out Dress on the site, but figured I'd chance it anyway. This probably wasn't wise, as it didn't sell out at all (even in the Cyber Sale!) and seems really unpopular. I hated it when I opened the packet, too. Luckily, I like it a lot more on! But it is awfully gaudy. The firework side seems perfect for New Year's Eve...but I won't be doing anything on that day as I never do! I also finally bought Warm Grey Pocket Leggings as I'd been wanting more staple pieces. These aren't as warm or soft as toasties, but they're pretty comfy and fit under other legs to keep me warm.

In a separate order I got the Wrapped Up Reversible Skater Dress. I have to hand it over to my grandparents though so they can give it to me for Christmas! It was just easier to place the order myself so that it went towards my buy count and so I could pay customs on it. I'm hoping I'll be able to dress it down, but failing that it'll be great for Christmas and birthday parties. This took forever to be sent out as it was a time limited piece, which kind of sucked! It only arrived today, along with the Drogon Dragon Egg HWMF Leggings that I panic bought when I thought they'd be going limited (they didn't).

I'm also caved and ordered the Snowflake Toasties from the US site, and they arrived super quick! Have barely taken them off since they arrived as they're so snug.

And some other random buys...oh dear! I did get rid of 3 bags of clothes and 2 bags of shoes though, so I'm at least starting to make room for this stuff!

I also finally got my hands on some original Mermaid Leggings! They're pretty faded and not as shiny as they should be, but I adore them and it makes them more wearable as they aren't so flashy. I did get catcalled when I wore them out though ¬_¬

I caved and bought Last Judgment Leggings randomly (I should stay away from BSS!).

I scored a cheap pair of Cross Of St Peter Black Leggings on Ebay.

And some Wallpaper Shiny Shiny (And High-Waisted!) Leggings from a lovely Sharkie. I hadn't tried these sweeties before!

Unsurprisingly I bought a bunch of things in the Cyber Sale, but they will probably take forever to arrive due to Christmas post! Here's hoping they get through customs like these orders did.

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