Monday, 29 December 2014

Christmas Presents!

Been a bad blogger again, but I knew if I didn't do this post I would just leave my gifts in bags on my floor forever haha.

The first presents I opened were from Rob on Christmas Eve, a cute little owl snowglobe and some yummy chocs! He also ordered the Matte Pink Zip Suit, but it won't be here for a few weeks. Eeeeeeee!

On Christmas morning I opened my gifts from Sophie first. Felt so spoiled! Cute kitty socks, dress-up Pony mug, and Oujia-themed jewellery from Sugar & Vice

Next I opened gifts from Rob's family. His mum always spoils me like crazy, I feel so guilty Dx I got a cute penguin hat and glove set (the gloves are too small for my man hands, nuuuuuuuuu! Hoping I can chop off the thumbs and stretch them out a little), chocolate wafer straws, boot bling, nail files, chocolate coins, glittery boots, London-themed jimmies, and Harry Potter socks. The bath set is from Rob's mum's boyfriend's sister haha.

Before a big Christmas lunch (with a yummy nut roast pastry thing that dad makes every year...yummmmm) I opened gifts from my dad's side of the family. I got the Wrapped Up Reversible Skater Dress, Max Raptor CD, and some Bodyshop stuff from my grandparents, and more Bodyshop stuff and Marmozets and Reuben CDs from my aunt. I'm a bit obsessed with Marmozets already!

The last gifts I opened in the evening were from my parents. My Dr Martens weren't wrapped up after having them put back for ages, ugh! I got cup measures, some watches for work, a Hello Kitty cake/jelly mould, Hello Kitty duvet, Hello Kitty belt (which my mum didn't realise was age 7-8, so it might make a good garter? lol), Hello Kitty mug & coaster set, and 6 pairs of sale tights from Next. So I actually got a bunch of stuff I will use! Success!

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