Friday, 14 March 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival: The Most Challenging Substyles, And How To Pull Them Off

This Lolita Blog Carnival theme is pretty challenging in of itself! I wasn't sure how to tackle this theme as the difficult styles just don't ever seem to be done.

The style I'm choosing is PUNK.

Now, I think a lot of the problem with this is that people don't really know what punk as a fashion is anyway. Punk is not Hot Topic mall-gothy tat, which is what far too many people seem to think it is. It's about expression, going against conventions, and essentially about freedom.

I see a lot people calling punk lolita 'ita' as it breaks rules and uses tacky things like chains and safety pins and tartan, but THAT'S THE POINT. Obviously it has to adhere to the lolita 'rules' enough to be punk lolita, but you've got to have fun with it too! I'd probably agree that in a lot of cases it isn't lolita at all. But it's too sweet to be punk also!

I also think that punk overlaps with ero a little, since fishnets and shorter skirts are common.

Putumayo is a good brand to start with.

Honestly, I think to get punk lolita right, you just have to have a punk attitude. If you care that other people will think you look totally ita, then it isn't the style for you. Because you probably will look ita, and that's okay! I think because punk and lolita are such different styles, it's impossible strike a perfect balance between the two.

I figure I should put a little list of things to consider when trying to create a punk lolita look...
  • Tartan has huge ties with the punk look, so tartan it up!
  • In terms of colour palette, black and red is probably the safest option, but white, pink, purple, and green are also good options.
  • Fabrics like leather can be used as accents.
  • Chains, studs, and pins are great, especially on more deconstructed pieces and layered outfits.
  • Keep it fun! Try to look more sweet than edgy.
  • Chunky boots and heels are perfect. Get the Docs out!
  • Armwarmers and legwarmers are fine! Mismatched stripy socks over fishnets make for perfect legwear.
  • Common motifs are skulls and trumps.
  • This is probably the only style where hats (especially mini ones) are more common than ribbons.

Honestly I think that I like this style because there are so many cute punk-style outfits in J-Pop! Buono! have loads of cute ones.

And some AKB0048 just because I love these outfits and I'm enjoying watching the anime right now.

I'd imagine a lot of people will disagree with me here, since the outfits I posted are much more punk than lolita (and because I actually like DollDelight and most people don't). But that's just my personal preference for this style, I guess!

Which substyle do you think is toughest?

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  1. As I did my post of punk-lolita too, I must say that I'm personally not a fan of tartan at all. I know that it's used in punk lolita a lot, but really I think it's kind of old fashioned. I think of tartan in punk lolita kind of "old-school-punk-lolita".

    I totally agree with you with the attitude and the point of punk lolita. Punk is not about style, it's about state of mind, ideology and most of all music. I would be really careful with the short skirts in punk-lolita though. There's a fine line between punk lolita and normal punk and in substyles lolita should be the main thing to focus on.


    1. True, I just totally love tartan! I really liked the sweet punk loli coord in your post, because it's not the kind of coord I'd immediately think of.

      And when I say short skirts I don't really mean short, just not necessarily adhereing to the 'to the knee' rule as tightly as with other substyles (especially if skirts may be of a ragged nature!).

  2. Punk Lolita is really interesting style! I like it but I think it's really hard to create a good punk outfit! ^^

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