Saturday, 17 September 2011

Band Tees

Sorry I haven't written in a while, I've been doing absolutely nothing and so I didn't really have anything to write about! Sadly I start work soon, so I doubt I'll have much to write about then either.

Finally all the merchandise I bought following Reading has arrived! When not wearing lolita, I often wear jeans or shorts with a band tee or's just the comfiest thing to wear, while letting people around me know what I'm all about ;]

Anywho, onto the new arrivals!

First up, my Reading tee itself. I like the simple design of it, although I realise now it's pretty pointless for me to have the line-up on the back as my hair completely covers it! It's a lovely navy colour.

This was probably my favourite came in a box for one thing, which is always a bonus - my Frank Turner tee and hoodie! I've been living in these ever since they arrived xP The hoodie looks ridiculous on me though, as its widest part is where I'm the smallest. I guess I don't have the same proportions as a man!

And finally, my Muse tees. I was only going to buy the Origin Of Symmetry one, but then I saw that the stadium tour one was on sale. Since I didn't pick up a tee at the time I figured I'd buy it. Sadly the former doesn't have the festival dates on the back and the latter looks like it will be too small. Damn! But now I have a grand total of 6 Muse tees ^_^'

I love how band merchandise has come along though...I remember when women's sizes were rare (so I had to drown in a men's small which would generally come down almost to my knees...and when they did exist the material would wear out and fade really quickly) and the colour choice was black, black or black. I got rid of most of my old ones because of these faults, but all this stuff I will keep until it no longer fits.

Also my gifts for Rob just arrived!

I wasn't expecting one of them to arrive so quickly, so now I have to decide which should be a birthday gift and which an anniversary gift. I got him Pokémon gym badges (lazercut and really awesome looking, even if they are a pointless and nerdy gift) and a Vivienne Westwood shirt (I really hope it fits, I don't understand man sizes at all!).

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