Friday, 30 September 2011

Kawaii Goods & New Frills

My Kawaii Goods order arrived today!

My order cost around £50 including postage from the US to the UK, which I didn't think was too bad. No customs fees either, hurrah! It took just under 2 weeks to arrive.

Fluffy bear hat! I wasn't sure about getting one at first as I'm really self-conscious when it comes to hats, but in the end I couldn't resist! I was tempted to get the white hat as it came in a lucky pack, but I thought the lavender was cuter (I seem really drawn to that colour at the moment). The bow is detachable!

Some fluffy hair clips/brooches! Although they're far too big for me to wear in my natural hair, as my hair is so flat!

Shooting star necklace I bought to go with Dream Sky.

I chanced a sweet lolita lucky pack too as it was only $10...

Massive kitty bow! It's cute, but again too much for my hair. Will clip it to clothes though.

Poodle ring, not my taste unfortunately.

Oreo mirror! I've always wanted one of these things. I half expected it to smell of chocolate, but it actually smells strongly of rubber xP

Cute necklace. This has a mirror on the back.

All in all I was pleased with my little haul. Everything seems well made and is terribly cute. The only downside is that things are made in very small quantities...I'd wanted a carousel necklace but there weren't any in stock! I looked again today and all the items have changed, which makes me want to place another order when I can't!

I bought a few things second-hand recently too, such as a Kera magazine, some hair clips and a My Little Pony watch. I got these beauties off eBay:

Angelic Pretty blouse with tie. Not sure what I can wear it with, but it was only £10 and it will be fine for interviews and things.

Sweets Time chiffon JSK by Metamorphose Crown Label. Not flattering, but this was fairly cheap too (about £20 before shipping) and I love chiffon! I also got some bloomers from the same seller. Unfortunately I missed out on a mint Candy Stripper top and a totally gorgeous ETC JSK that I fell in love with...will have to keep an eye out for it elsewhere.

That's all for now, although I've shipped part of my Celga haul and it should arrive in a week or so. Hope I have enough money to pay the customs =S


  1. :O OMG you won the Sweets time auction!!! I was going to big but it was 2 days before payday and i had no monies ;_; Hope it looks lovely on you though! What was the postage time like from kawaiigoods? Always thought of ordering from there but not got off my bum to do it yet lol!

  2. That hat looks so soft! I wanna touch it!
    I've never seen that jsk. It looks really cute. I love chiffon too!

  3. It's all so cute! ; u ;
    You're making me want to order from Kawaii Goods! >.<;

  4. Oh my, that shooting stars little face! I want to squoosh it!!
    And I'm loving that Meta JSK... bargain!