Monday, 5 September 2011

~*~Pastel Raindrops~*~

Pastel Raindrops blog is having an epic giveaway of awesomeness! You should all check it out:

To be honest, you ought to check this blog out anyway. I wouldn't feature something just because I want a prize, I follow this girl's blog religiously as she has the best style! All her coords are so adorable and I wish I could steal her whole wardrobe xP

My Wonder Story is stuck with Parcelforce right now I think, but I haven't been back to that house so I haven't been able to pay the customs bill. Hope I can get back before they give up on my and send my stuff back. That would be the worst! But not impossible considering the run of bad luck I've been having right now. Blog may be a bit quiet for a while as items I've bought are taking ages to get to my SS so I've been unable to ship them and I haven't had a chance to go to any meets! But soon I should have things to type about =3

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