Saturday, 24 September 2011

Ponies. Lots and lots of ponies.

So this week I finally caved and started watching My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. And...I like it! Okay, most of the characters are a bit annoying and it's pretty much Yu-Gi-Oh but without the cardgames and with added ponies, but it's good fun and I don't have the time to get into a longer series at the moment.

On a somewhat related note, my love for fairy kei is growing! As such I've been hunting for pastels with more effort than ever before. Not ready to take the plunge into fairy kei yet and not sure I ever will, but most of my items will work fine for casual sweet lolita.

My Little Pony t-shirts! Mwahahaha! I've been thinking about buying some actual ponies too since I only ever had the Burger King ones and they've long since been thrown out =[ but they seem pretty expensive and scraggy-haired, so I'm abandoning that idea for now.

Lavender shorts! I'm loving this colour at the moment. Unfortunately these shorts are a bit small so I have a mega muffin top when wearing them. Kinda annoying as I bought them half a size bigger than I usually wear, so they must be sized wrong.

Unrelated, but I also got this Moriarty t-shirt because this bit of Sherlock made me laugh out loud xP

That's about it for now! I might cover Petit Patisserie (shouldn't it be 'petite'? it's like Fantasic Dolly all over again) and Marionette Clock a different time, though I didn't really like either series. I have an accessory pack on its way (there may well be bear ears involved...) which I'll review when it arrives too =3

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