Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Poupée Girl

I've been hooked on this site for such a long time now!

Are any of you girls on there?

I just love everything about it really! Posting my clothes, admiring the clothes of others, 'buying' digital clothes with digital currency for my doll.

I suppose some of you may think it's childish and pointless, but it's really helped my style grow! When I joined I was beyond useless at coordination and had no sense of style, but through dressing my Poupée, getting her new clothes and experimenting I feel a little more confident. Plus modelled my Poupée on me, so when things end up suiting her I think 'hey, maybe I should try this out on myself!'. Of course, my hair has grown a lot and my bangs have grown out completely since then, but still. I would never have thought of wearing dark red until trying it on this site first.

...I really wish I could have all the clothes she does! I'd love to try out all those styles, but I never see clothing like that in stores. Damn you Japan and your awesome clothing!

To be honest, I'm really behind on posting clothes there! Get more comments and thus more ribbons by posting only one item a day, but then comments build up so I have to not post something until I've returned them...it's quite a lot of hard work actually xP

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