Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Blind Bags

At first I had no intention of buying the blind bag ponies as my pony collection is already insane and I can't really afford them. But an eBay seller sent me some by accident and sold on the items that were supposed to me mine, so I ended up with 6 blind bags.

I also already had my glow-in-the-dark Pinkie Pie that I bought at Hyper Japan!

But yesterday I was out shopping, and I came across some in Snooks. I was really surprised as their pony section keeps shrinking! I didn't notice them at first - I grabbed the tube I'd gone in for and was looking for Monster High dolls (which they no longer sell), and I saw some non-pony blind bags. So I hunted around the shelf a little...and there they were!

I bought what was left of the box (5 packs, but I stuck my other 4 and AJ in there to keep them together). So I managed to spend £17 on ponies in there in total Dx

I just went to collect the last 2 from the post depot, so opening times!

My haul! Excluding my Pinkie as she's at home. Also I have two doubles which I didn't open. Don't know whether to sell them or give them away.

I think I might try to get the whole set of these now (I think they're the 3rd lot), otherwise I'll sell ones I'm less keen on.

Yesterday I also picked up these cute accessories from H&M! Thanks to Amy for letting me know they were there. The pony clips are so derp, but the Kiki & Lala set is so cute!

And today I bought these after thinking over whether to buy them. They're from the kids section and they're really tight, but they were only £8 and I'm going to try to stretch them out! They look fine on, but they just enhance my already prominent love handles!!

Wondering how long it will take before a new box of blind bags arrives at Snooks. I think I'll check tomorrow and take the list of bag numbers I need!


  1. oh noez!!! Now i have to go to H&M and buy the accessories hehe :)
    Those shorts are such a cute colour!

  2. Hey!
    I just awarded you the Liebster Award for up and coming blogs!

    Also I saw in Tesco, they have loads of Ponies that are collectable ones. :-)

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