Monday, 16 January 2012

I survived the Reichenbach Fall


Oh and a slight gif party.

First off, I was dreading the end of this series as I had no idea what I could do with myself afterwards. While there are rumours that a third series has been confirmed, nothing's for certain. And it'd surely be years away. But I got home and found this in my room as a belated Christmas present. FUCK YEAH!

After the absolute mindfuck induced by the latest Sherlock episode, I find myself wanting to type a load of garbage in order to straighten my head out a little.

First off, the music and cinematogrophy were amazing as always. I thought it was really clever how you found yourself just waiting for the inevitable twist in the tale. The first half hour or so was predictable. Too predictable. So I sat there with my hot water bottle clutched to my chest and suspiciously waited for that twist xP

My face when the plot thickened:

But you know what...I didn't cry at all!!!

I was just about holding myself together but then the phone call and my god my heart broke and I thought I was going to throw up haha.

But most of the episode I was just like

I even found myself loving Moriarty as he sat there with the crown jewels, but still hating him with every fibre of my being! And for the first time I really liked Molly - before she just seemed like an idiot, but I think we can all say we've been there before!

Now the thing really screwing me over is...are they dead or alive? Sherlock was shown at the end, but it's could anyone survive that? But then there is the mysterious favour he asked of Molly, but I can't for the life of me figure it out! And if Sherlock is alive, then surely Moriarty is too (Fight Club flashbacks here...AGAIN).

I really wouldn't be able to do my work today even if I had been emailed with how to do what I need to do!




  1. To help you with the Molly mystery, all I can say/guess is that she works in a morgue. Therefore has access to a lot of dead bodies. Also they showed earlier in the series, and in the previous series, how good she was with makeup. Also she is in the medical profession so could pull a few strings with the doctors. And from there I can only guess the rest.

    But OMG! Can't wait for the next series! Love that show and his hair. :-)

  2. Well yeah, but John watched him fall and there were loads of other witnesses. They could have easily covered up the fact he was alive though through those means (and with the help of Mycroft).

    Bleh I bet they make us wait years for the next series though! Especially since they probably won't start until The Hobbit is done.

  3. I'm so glad they're making another series, I'm starting to have withdrawl symptoms haha. I agree with Odd Socks, I think Molly helped to cover it up. Sherlock must have got someone to run John over with a bike so that he was a bit delirious. From what I remember we see it from John's point of view and after he got knocked down it was a bit jolty.