Friday, 27 January 2012

Lime Crime Lipstick Review & OOTD

People seem to think I'm mad for buying from them as they've had a lot of bad press, but I've also seen good reviews and I'm not going to trust the Internet about everything anyway! Plus if someone tells me not to do something I'm more likely to do it...

I'd been wanting some of their lipsticks for a while, firstly because the package is TOTALLY CUTE but also because they make colours no one else does.

I ordered from Cocktail Cosmetics at 1pm yesterday, and they arrived this morning at 9am. Woah, that was quick! The lipsticks were £11.50 each and shipping was £3.25. They are cheaper on Space NK (£7.50 each) as all Lime Crime products are half price on there, but they didn't have both of the colours I wanted and shipping was a whopping £5!

They arrived in a regular featherpost packet, and required signature upon delivery. I had been expecting a more personalised packet since companies normally do, but oh well! Inside they were in a bubble-wrap pocket. If you order direct from Lime Crime I think you get everything in a box.

DAT UNICORN. The boxes are slightly different as one of them was limited edition, and thus older. The colour on the insides of the boxes correspond to the colour of the lipstick.

This is the colour D'Lilac. I thought it'd look great with fairy-kei! Unfortunately the foil of the unicorn is messed up on this tube, but obviously that doesn't affect the product. And the lipstick itself smells delicious! It reminds me of old-school Play-Doh! There are other lilac lipsticks on the market, but most of them look really naff. There is a MAC version, but I couldn't find it for sale, and it costs a little more anyway.

This is Mint To Be, a limited edition lipstick. I was only able to find this colour on the website I ordered from, and it is now sold out there too - I must have snapped up the last one! It looks reaaaally bright in the tube. This is a pretty unique colour.

Swatched. And um I apparently have a scratch on my hand?

Two-tone lips! (Don't worry, this is due to laziness and is thus not some freaky fashion statement!) The lipsticks are very soft, and I've heard they are prone to breaking off. But as long as I'm gentle, they should be fine (my room is so freezing that they're having a merry old time so far). As such they are a little odd to apply though as my other lipsticks are really hard!

I'm quite impressed though as people were complaining that they weren't bright enough, but I only gave my lips a quick, imperfect coat and they look fine. I don't even find them uncomfortable to wear (some lip products make my lips swell and tingle, even when they aren't plumping xP).

I'm a little relieved as I wasn't sure they'd suit me - the D'Lilac especially I've only seen look good on pretty blonde girls! I am a little disappointed with that colour though as it doesn't 'pop' very much, due to my natural lip colour already being quite purple. I probably should have bought Airborne Unicorn instead!

Overall I am very pleased with my purchases! If I use them a lot I'll probably buy more colours...I definitely have my eye on the No She Didn't shade!

And here's my outfit from today, just because.

Was supposed to be fairy-kei inspired, but I look more like a hipster that fell into a candy store.


  1. i love limecrime too :p haters gonna hate! so jealous of your DD top! and those boots where from!

    1. I don't get why people don't like them! And they're Dr Martens...I love them but they rub my ankle ='[

    2. i know ive only ever had positive experiences, i want more now seeing this! and booo, docs do take tiiime to wear in but then theyre silly comfy!