Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Angelic Pretty Lucky Packs 2012!

My lucky packs arrived before I even got back to my home after Christmas! Pretty mixed feelings on these packs. My shopping service did really well though.

Not sure which pack this huge tote came with! It's now hanging on my wall where my calendar was.

Tea Time A La Carte Salopette Set

I had wanted this in black as, it seems, did everyone else. I ended up with pink.

The salopette is very cute though, much nicer than last year's. I haven't looked at it too closely yet, but looks like it can also be worn as a skirt which is great! I haven't tried it on yet as I'm worrying it'll make me look fat like last year's one does haha.

Simple little barrette. I never know how to wear these as I always have my hair loose ^_^'

Simple tee. Looks pretty much like the one I got last year.

These feel pretty thick and are nice and long!

This bag is lovely shape! I'd been wanting a bigger pink bag, so this is great! It seems far too dressy to go with the pack though - wonder why they didn't do little bags like last year?

Happy*Girl Set

I must say, I think I regret buying this. I might just try to sell the whole thing. And I wish I'd bought the navy version instead!

I bought the pack for this dress. I thought it'd be a perfect cute piece for non-lolita wear that I'd get loads of wear out of. OH HOW WRONG I WAS. It's stupidly short, I feel like my ass is on show (I know it isn't, but a gust of wind would make it so. I HATE short dresses). Being that I'm only 158cm tall, WHAT THE HELL. The body is too short which doesn't help, and the shirring is rubbish. The bust is too tight and the waist is too big so I look fat. The pattern doesn't help with this either. So basically it's a massive fail and it'll be hard to sell it as I'd need to find someone shorter and flatter-chested than me...there can't be many people like that!

Confusing barrette again.

These socks don't match the dress at all! The white on them looks almost yellow next to the white on the dress. I'd really hoped they'd give black with all the packs since it would have matched a million times better, but no - so I got another of the pink tees too.

Overall I ended up spending just under £250 as I somehow passed through customs without incurring a hellish amount of fees. Which I guess isn't so bad...but I kicked myself when Angelic Pretty announced that there was 30% off of Moon Night Theater which is one of the few prints I still want! Our Internet died before the announcement anyway though, and it was sold out by the time I moved back here ='[

I'm working on my closet post! I just need to get photos of the stuff that Rob has in his room, but I don't have room for it here and I doubt I'll go over his house anytime soon - his phone contract ended and he's never online when I am so we can't sort anything out!


  1. Thank you for the review..while I am waiting for my one it s nice to see how it could end up..I admit, the socks doesnt match at all ( your 2nd LP)..hope you will find a buyer. Candy wishes

  2. Thanks for the review! I've been trying to find an AP lucky pack post on egl to no avail and only managed to find this post via google. It's such a shame about your 2nd pack :( I'm pretty sure I'm shorter than you (5"1) and I have no boobs whatsoever...unfortunately I don't like tartan, otherwise I would've definitely helped you get rid of it :P
    I'm so excited to see mine now, and yours arrived so quickly!
    The pieces are adorable nonetheless, especially that salopette <3

  3. Hi! I'd love to buy the Happy Girl set! How much are you looking to get?? :D