Monday, 2 January 2012

Lucky Pack Palava & A Scandal in Belgravia

While lucky packs this year weren't as stressful an ordeal as last year, I still had my share of disappointments and confusion!

Firstly they popped up on an Angelic Pretty Japanese reserve page unexpectedly. The set I wanted was already sold out, and by the time I decided to request a different pack via a shopping service and they checked the site, the page was gone!

My next plan was to get one on the International site. However, there was no announcement and they were released at 12pm on New Year's Eve instead of the traditional 12am. I missed them completely, as they came out at 3am!

Thankfully a friend pointed me towards an in-store SS, who said she'd try to get one pack for me but couldn't get both. She scored a pink salopette set for me on New Year's Day. While I'm happy I got one, I only really wanted it in black and will be desperately trying to trade!

I figured I'd try on the USA site to try to get my first choice colour. I checked 12pm NYE just in case. Nothing. Checked at 12am. Nothing (wasn't very impressed at 8am haha). An announcement appears, saying they'd be released 12pm NYD. Get a LiveJournal message hours before that time saying that they'd released them early and were all sold out.


The bastards!

As it happens, my SS was going pack hunting again on NYD and scored me the pink Happy Girl set I'd also wanted, but still. What the hell was up with the websites this year? They seem awfully biased against Europeans! Unless Paris *does* do them, but I've heard nothing at all ever on the subject.

I'll review them when they arrive. Dreading the overall cost since I feel I got kinda ripped off SS-wise. Heh.

In other news...the new episode of Sherlock aired last night! I'd been looking forward to it since watching the first series last year, and it didn't disappoint!

The conclusion to The Great Game wasn't what I was expecting, but I was surprised and laughed out loud! But I am so so happy about the rest of the episode, as there was a lot of speculation about the relationship between Sherlock and Irene, but they nailed it. The ending managed to surprise me for once (I usually predict everything), although it might just be because I have a bad cold and had a headache! The only aspect of the episode I didn't like was the violin-playing, because it was painfully obvious that Benedict isn't a violinist! He was doing it all wrong Dx

I think my bf had more fun watching me than watching the episode, laughing at me when I stopped drinking tea mid-sip when the sheet slipped!

If you haven't watched Sherlock, I urge you to watch it! There's much more I'd like to say, but I don't want spoilerate heehee. But here's a teaser for the episode ;]


  1. I was surprised that you even got to choose the color this year, but I'm not complaining.
    I'm glad that you were able to get at least one!

  2. Nice review of the episode.

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