Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Fairy-Kei Day 13 ~ What's in my Bag?

☆ Day thirteen: What do you carry in your bag?

Here's an example of what I usually carry!

The bag is by Angelic Pretty, and is probably my best one for fairy-kei. However I also have a My Little Pony backpack, Jack Skellington plush bag, and Meta and Bodyline totes which I also use.

Click the photo to see bigger image!
  • Something to read (in this case, a book about quantum physics)
  • Camera
  • Glasses cloth
  • Lipstick for top-ups
  • Keys
  • Ear-phones (these are my old ones, I lost my newer ones somehow)
  • Hand mirror
  • Notebook and pen
  • Food (in this case, Starburst)
  • Drink (in this case, Pepsi Max)
  • Lipgloss
  • 4head (and usually ibuprofen as well)
  • iPhone
  • Purse
  • Card case

People are often surprised at how much I can fit in a bag (usually food haha). It's like my sac magique!

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