Monday, 27 June 2011

A Lolita Day Out

Soooo last Saturday I met up with my friend Sophie for a frilly day! I'd feared it would rain but it ended up being cloudy and VERY WARM.

We went to Tintern Abbey and had yummy food and took some derpy pictures =P (Just click on them to enlarge).

I decided to wear my Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Circus Tutu since I figured I'd match Sophie a little that way. And for once, wearing no Angelic Pretty! Blouse, headbow and parka are BTSSB; tote and parasol are Metamorphose; blouse is Bodyline; all else offbrand.

Don't you think she suits Alice And The Pirates perfectly?

Afterwards we decided to be totally clichéd and watched Kamikaze Girls! I still love that movie so much, but going to try to avoid watching it for a few months now haha.

Bumped into Annie in the train station on the way back, such an odd coincidence!

Looking forward to future lolita days =D

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  1. i already commented on fb but i love these pictures! is it far from bath?
    and YES girly sleepover! we can watch kamikaze girls and do nails and girly stuff :D