Wednesday, 1 June 2011

100 Question Lolita Baton

1. Screen-name and date of birth, please tell us these~
fireextinquisher, with_a_zacky, mizuiro...or just Abbey =P 21-02-1991

2. Height, weight, clothing size, and shoe size?
158cm, 117lbs, UK8-10, UK4

3. Why did you start to dress lolita?
I don't really know tbh! It's completely different to what my style was before, but I loved it so I went for it!

4. Which style of lolita do you like?
All of them pretty much! Preference for sweet though.

5. Express in your own words, the ideal of your above answer.
Well the dress that made me love lolita was Metmorphose’s Swan Lake, and so I suppose that is the way I saw lolita – sweet style and prints. The reason I prefer sweet over gothic is because gothic tends to look samey to me...although I know gothic lolitas out there may say the same about sweet =P

6. Do you have piercings? Where?
Ears, top of ear, nose.

7. Which brands do you like?
Again, most of them. I prefer to buy Angelic Pretty because the pieces fit in with what I already have. I’d love Juliette et Justine but they’re too expensive. I love Innocent World but I find it hard to coordinate. I cannot think of a brand I don’t like though.

8. Which are your favourite clothes (that you have)?
My black Angelic Pretty Sugary Carnival skirt, white Angelic Pretty Holy Night Story switching JSK and BTSSB Trick-Or-Treat underbust JSK. And everything else I own pretty much!

9. How many lolita friends do you have?
I have only met 4 fellow lolitas irl thus far, and I consider them dear friends despite only brief meeting. I’ll take any friend I can haha.

10. What do you love most about lolita?
The prints! I would say standing out, but I don’t like the attention I get for wearing it...

11. What do you hate about it? Any pet peeves?
The cost and the pointless drama.

12. What lolita magazines do you read?
Gothic & Lolita Bible and Kera...well, I look at the pictures =P

13. Headdresses, bonnets or ribbons/hairbows?
Hairbows. I do want a bonnet but I know I’d get so much stick so it isn’t worth it!

14. Do you wear bloomers?
Yes. Even with non-lolita dresses and skirts if I can’t wear shorts underneath!

15. Do you tie headdresses at the front or in the back?
Front. My head is an odd shape or something so anything tied behind won’t stay on more than 2 milliseconds.

16. Who is your favourite band/type of music?
My favourite band at the moment is Muse. I like lots of music, but no rap/r&b/hip-hop because that isn’t music, it’s noise haha. I like rock, metal, j-pop and ‘classical’ (apostrophes because I don’t like referring to it as that but it’s the only term there is since I don’t have a time period preference) though.

17. What is your phone ring tone~?
It is currently the Nyeh cat...I keep having YGOTAS ringtones at the moment!

18. Do you go to concerts in lolita?
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Think of all the sweat, beer, tearing. It’d be uncomfortably warm too.

19. For people who attend concerts: do you headbang there?
Can’t, my glasses fall off. I hate mosh pits too since my face is elbow height for some and my hair always gets tugged out...and I generally hate crowds and people touching me.

20. What colours do you like?
All colours! My current favourites are teal and bordeaux. In lolita I stick to pink and black though.

21. What are your hobbies?
Tumbling, reading, walking, bird watching.

22. If you have any favourite perfumes, please tell us.
LouLou. It’s the only one I have really =/ I want some Vivienne Westwood ones but I can’t afford them.

23. Is there anything you are careful of in lolita?
Spilling things...but I always manage to spill tea on myself anyway! Also trying to avoid gum, but it’s frigging everywhere in lecture theatres =/

24. Do you have any favourite haunts to go to in lolita? room. Only place I won’t feel uncomfortable =P and people don’t really invite me places often and I don’t like going places alone too much. And when people do invite me places I don’t wear it as most of my friends seem to be embarrassed by me. Well, I say friends...I don’t mean it haha.

25. How many times a week do you dress lolita?
Depends on the week. I can’t wear it at home as my mum would yell at me for buying new things (just because I fit into clothes I bought 5 years ago doesn’t mean I have to wear them =/) and she’d make me feel horrible about myself by saying I look stupid and ugly. When at university I try to wear it at least once a week, though usually ends up being 2 or 3 times. I also wear it nearly every time I go out with my boyfriend. I’m not sure that he appreciates that though =P

26. Please tell us an embarrassing story from when you were a lolita beginner.
Don’t really have one. I looked terrible though!

27. What is your current hairstyle and colour?
Brown. No style. Just long and in need of a cut but I’m too indecisive and cannot have a fringe due to my glasses and very fast-growing hair.

28. What is your lolita history?
I don’t remember when I first found it but I’m sure it was years ago. I started buying clothes around December 2009, first brand was not long after that and went to my first meet-up April 2011. I don’t remember when my first print was, but it was pretty recent (December 2010 I think).

29. Do you store your clothes in a special place?
Wherever I can shove them...we recently downsized and I keep buying clothes and not throwing anything out. Now I have to cram 2 rooms worth of things into 1 room that has little storage space. DOOM.

30. Did you ever think about quitting lolita? What was the reason?
Yes, because I was fed up of being taunted by the public and because I don’t really deserve all these nice things I’ve wasted so much money on. I’ll never be a good lolita because I’m not pretty enough and I can’t do my hair nicely despite trying.

31. What is your motto?
Feel the fear and do it anyway.

32. What are your dreams of the future?
I’d prefer to marry someone rich so I never have to work and so I can write novels and do art and it won’t matter if I can’t earn any money. However more realistically...I want to go into the police force and try to become a detective. However I’m really weak and a poor runner and don’t think I could do it. I’d like to live on the Isle of Wight, but there probably aren’t many jobs there so it might have to wait until retirement (if that still exists by the time I’m that age). So I don’t really know. Lolitawise, I want Swan Lake since it was my first dream dress many years ago...but it’ll never happen. Why are all my dreams unattainable?!

33. "This person is so perfect for lolita!" - Do you ever think that about certain celebrities?

34. Are there any products/items of which you have with a fond memory?
Not really...I think that would only apply if any items had been gifts. Which they haven’t.

35. What was your first item?
I bought a Bodyline JSK and 2 skirts. I never wear them...I only wore the JSK and one skirt once and the other skirt needs ironing so I never wore it! My first brand item was an Alice and the Pirates cardigan which isn’t lolita at all xP My first print was Baby, The Stars Shine Bright’s Circus Tutu.

36. Do you have a signature pose for photos?
Standing. I cannot pose as I’m too self-conscious.

37. What is your heart's bible? [book/magazine/CD/etc...]
What an odd question! I cannot think of anything.

38. What is the best height (cm) for heels?
I wear flats mostly as I cannot walk in heels at all.

39. Do you wear tiaras?
No, I would if I could do my hair better though.

40. Do you think you want to try prince style? What kind of prince? Gothic/dark prince? Or "prince on a white horse" style?
No. I’ve been told I look like a boy before so I don’t really want to encourage that.

41. What types of lace do you like?
I love Angelic Pretty’s patterned lace! But also tulle.

42. Do you own a doll? Does owning it give you fun, childish feelings?
No no NO I hate those things, they creep me out and I don’t see the point in them at all. When people carry them around I think it just makes them look stupid and childish in a bad way.

43. What is in your lolita bag?
iPhone, headphones, card case (bus pass, library card, bank card, ID and NUS card, sometimes money), emergency food and drink (usually Skittles and Pepsi Max), keys, sometimes a purse, cardigan, DS or book.

44. What is your favourite flower?
I am rather fond of daisies.

45. Right now, what is your favourite accessory?
I don’t have one in particular, I’m not one for accessorising. Unless my glasses count as they’re essential!

46. Please recommend some cosmetics.
I’m not fussy so I have nothing to recommend. I use whatever is given to me or whatever is cheapest! My M.A.C. Hello Kitty blusher is really good though.

47. With eye-tape your eyes look like a doll's! What eyelashes will you wear?
I don’t wear them...maybe for meets, but only plain ones. Mostly I don’t even wear mascara as I hate taking it off at the end of the day.

48. What is your eye makeup for these eyelashes?
I generally use 2 eye shadows (one white/sparkly/skin colour up to the eyebrows and one colour for the upper lids), then white liner (under the eye and inner corners) and black liner (top lid and waterline). If I’m lazy and wearing dark colours I just use black shadow all around the eye =P

49. Red Lipstick? Blue? Black? Pink?
I light bright pink, but I never wear lipstick myself as I spend too much time eating and drinking!

50. Which nail polish do you normally choose?
Depends what I am going to be wearing. For lolita mostly black or pink. My favourite polish is a metallic teal though.

51. Have you ever changed in a train station bathroom?

52. What do you think of "twin" and "triplet" lolitas?
It is so cute! I’d love to do it, but I suppose I’d worry that the other girl(s) would look way prettier than me in it haha.

53. How do you keep in shape for lolita? Recommend something.
Good metabolism...MWAHAHAHAHA. I like to walk too, but this makes no difference to my weight or shape.

54. Do you keep calm when you wear lolita alone in public?
I try to, but sometimes it really upsets me. Other times all the gormless stares makes me laugh out loud. It depends on my mood. I’d never shout at someone, but I do mutter insults or comebacks under my breath often.

55. How much do you spend per month on clothes/accessories?
Maybe £200 or more...I have a serious problem.

56. Was there a time lag between knowing about lolita and dressing in the fashion?
Yes, I waited until going to university and it took a while for me to be able to part with so much money! Also when I discovered lolita I liked it but didn’t love it and I thought it would only look good on Japanese girls. It took finding the LiveJournal comms to change my mind on both!

57. What is your most expensive lolita item?
Pink Sugary Carnival JSK.

58. It takes a lot of money to be a lolita. How do you save?
I don’t drink, or if I do I buy before going out as it’s cheaper or get my boyfriend to pay! I also stopped learning to drive because I couldn’t help but think of every 2 hour lesson as a Bodyline JSK or two!

59. Just a little secret here... How much have you spent so far on lolita, roughly?
I hate to think. A good few thousand.

60. Is there a brand shop you want near where you live?
I’d love there to be an Angelic Pretty store, but that will never happen. A Bodyline store would be hella handy too for cheap bits and bobs.

61. "Man, what a rip-off!!" Have you ever thought that about a store?
All of them pretty much haha. But mostly the replica places as they still charge loads (way more than Bodyline) and they’ve committed theft in the process.

62. Do you shop online? If so, put the good & bad points here to advise others.
Yes. I suppose make sure you check measurements and get good proof pictures. Also don’t get overexcited and spend too much money!

63. Is there a secret person/shop that you have commissioned a dress just for you from?
No. I don’t think I ever would unless brand stopped fitting.

64. "I can never have that/see that happening!! But I will always want it!!" Is there a brand you think this of?
Juliette et Justine! So damn expensive and far too elegant for me.

65. What do you do with the clothes you don't want anymore?
Keep them anyway! Perhaps try to sell them on eBay, but generally unsuccessful.

66. What is your most recent purchase? (Even non-lolita.)
Dream Sky. I accidentally ended up with a pink and a sax skirt...I only wanted the black one D=

67. Is there an item you love that you can't buy/seem to find?
Swan Lake high-waist skirt in black. Would love Milky Planet too but too steep.

68. What do you think of people who only wear lolita to concerts?
Why would you wear lolita to a concert? I’m assuming this means meet-ups? I think it’s stupid...if you only wear it like that then you are treating it as a costume and not as a fashion.

69. What do you think of lolitas without makeup?
Don’t really care, but probably look nicer with. I never really notice these things though.

70. Another lolita is wearing the same coordinate/clothes as you!! What do you do?
Laugh it off, but die inside haha.

71. What age should you stop wearing lolita?
I don’t think there is a particular age, just so long as you still look reasonably young and dress to suit your age (says the 20 year old who wears pink frills...)

72. When do you think you should graduate from lolita? And why?
When you don’t enjoy it anymore.

73. "You should stop doing that!!! >_<" What must a lolita not do?
It bugs me a little when I see lolitas smoking while wearing brand! NOOOOOOO haha. Same with girls who cram themselves into brand that is obviously too small. You wouldn’t do that with other clothes, so why with lolita?

74. "A lolita should be 'this'!" What do you think that should be?
A lolita should be herself (or himself).

75. Besides #73, is there anything you should definitely not do while wearing lolita?
Go paintballing haha.

76. What do you think of men in lolita?
I personally don’t like it if they look unfeminine. Obviously people can’t change the way they look, but it just looks off. If they look feminine and pretty then it’s fine. If they are well coordinated (and dressed in a way which suits them) it’s all good.

77. Did you change yourself to be a lolita?
I never used to spend more than £15 on a piece of clothing (and that high price was only reserved for jeans and shoes). Now I drop £200 on a single purchase without much thought. Oops.

78. What does your family and other people think of you dressing lolita? And do you accept it?
My family doesn’t know. My mum saw a BTSSB dress hanging in my closet and called it ugly. But then she’s a bitch about everything anyway so that’s nothing new...just seems like she wants me to be this boring, perfect child even though no one is perfect and I’m not a child anymore! My boyfriend says he likes it...I think he’s being truthful, but it’s obvious he only likes it because it makes me happy. My friends...well some of them after being plied with alcohol say they like it and admire my bravery, but others make it clear they don’t like it. One girl will avoid me completely when I’m wearing it, which I think is so shallow and immature. I think she dresses like a boring fart but that doesn’t make me behave any differently around her!

79. How do you wear lolita in the boiling mid-summer?
Summer = Summer holidays, so I don’t wear lolita. However when I do I wear coloured tights instead of thick ones and go for casual.

80. Have you gone to school or work in lolita?
University, yes. I’m on placement next year and have been told I can wear whatever I feel comfortable in, but I’m still not sure I’ll wear lolita...will probably start casual!

81. How do you dress normally?
Denim shorts with tights, a cute tee and my poor battered Babychams.

82. Do you think twice about buying second-hand clothes?
No, I’ve had hand-me-downs and charity shop clothes since I was born pretty much. It doesn’t bother me.

83. Do you have a boyfriend? (or husband?) Does he understand lolita?
A boyfriend. As I mentioned earlier, he’s fine with it. I wouldn’t say he understands as such (the other day he was confused when I wore a more classical (but still sweet) coord as he didn’t class it as lolita because it wasn’t bright or pink!). He does make an effort though, and can name many brands and prints xP

84. Please tell us about your ideal man.
It is hard to think hypothetically...what you think you like, what you fall for and what you can tolerate long-term are often completely different things! I tend to like guys with dark hair, preferably a little on the long side. Curly hair is a bonus. Attractive in an odd-looking way. Intelligence is highly preferred, but my current boyfriend is a bit slow and I love him anyway haha. They should be happy too. Of course, I’d like a man who buys me lots of things!

85. What lolita has left a big, shiny impression on you so far?
No one in particular, there are too many great ones to choose from and I feel odd picking favourites when it comes to people! I feel bad enough choosing between my cuddly toys and clothes.

86. Have you made your own clothes? What are they like?
I made a bow once, but never finished it. I sewed it by hand and I only had black thread (the fabric was pink), so it isn’t very neat at all!

87. Have you made your own accessories? What did you make?
Covered that above. I made a bead bracelet once, it’s pretty but doesn’t go with much (it’s lilac and black).

88. Think about the best item you have made! What is it?
Not clothing, but the Kuriboh plush I made for my bf!

89. Please tell us about the most perfect lolita coordination you wear.
I wouldn’t say that I have one, although I do love coordinating my pink Starry Night Theatre JSK with red and black.

90. Do you admire someone? What are they like?
I admire many people! Once again I cannot pick one to describe.

91. "One day I will go on a date with that person." What would you like to wear for him?
Likely not lolita, unless this is a date with my current bf in which case I’ll wear whatever I feel like, or maybe something corseted as he seems to like that. Maybe a little more gothic so he doesn’t look so much like a paedophile.

92. If you want one, what type of store would you open in the future?
Maybe a trinket store that sells random cute things.

93. Something catches your eye. What is this motif?

94. Would you dress your child in lolita?
I’m never having children...but I did, I’d let them wear whatever they wanted. If I was still wearing lolita and I had a daughter she’d probably want to wear it to be like me, as that’s what I was like with my mother when I was younger.

95. How much do you spend on one outfit?
Up to £500, but most are under or around £100.

96. "This is lolita!!" Please say what you would say this about.
Petticoats! The silhouette IS lolita.

97. "I have always wanted to try that once!" What, in the lolita world, have you wanted to try wearing?
Ero! But I’d screw it up for sure.

98. Look at yourself in lolita. In one word/phrase, how would you express your style/image?

99. What is your lolita ideal?
That every lolita feels good in what they are wearing.

100. Thank you for taking this baton!! Tell us what you think!
...That was awfully long! But I needed the break from revision (perhaps).

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