Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Ladies who lunch

Yesterday Annie came down from Stroud to deliver the Wii I bought off of her for Rob. She was going to get the coach as it was way cheaper than posting the Wii, but in the end she got the train which probably didn't cost much more anyway. Since she'd never been to Bath before she was keen to have a look about (although I am the worst tour guide ever!).

We didn't really do anything in particular, just wandered around town, looked in a few shops, sat outside the Abbey for a while. I think Annie's whole life was made when a pair of Japanese girls noted that we look 'kawaii~'! It certainly seems that when you are with another lolita you get less negative attention and people are more likely to approach you positively. A girl in Topshop recognised the fashion and could even name the brands of our clothes (I was impressed). We had a few people papping us without our permission but I'm not subtle enough to pap them back! One lady asked for our photo. Well, for Annie's photo. Most of the people were obviously complimenting her and not me, save for some creepy old guys who said I looked 'cute' *shiver*.

Ended up in the Real Italian Ice-Cream Co store where we chatted about anything and everything for ages. Never been in there before but I'll go again, my mint chocolate chip ice-cream was SO DELICIOUS I DON'T EVEN.

Here's what I wore and a few unnecessary detail shots that I just like =P Really loving my Jewelry Jelly now!

Can't wait to meet up with lolitas again! It's nice to be able to talk about clothes and brands with other people as I usually have to hold it all in and then Rob has to listen to it all when he couldn't care less!

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