Sunday, 19 June 2011

Lolita 30 ~ Day 9 ~ Lolita Nevers

Such a stilly question. I wouldn't do things I wouldn't do anyway, or things that are messy. Nothing really specific.

Day 9 – 10 things you will never do in lolita.

1. Go to a proper gig. Like, I'll wear it when I see Kanon Wakeshima as that's at a con and it won't be like a gig, but obviously I wouldn't want to be somewhere sweaty in lolita and mosh pits are a definite no-no (I try to avoid them anyway as I usually get elbowed in the face and my hair pulled out).

2. Take out the rubbish. Especially true for the food recycling...usually ends up leaking. Gross.

3. Go paintballing. I'd never do that anyway, but definitely not in expensive clothes that would make me a rather larger target than usual haha.

4. Sunbathe. Too many layers and sun cream stains!

5. Go on a ferry or other fast-moving boat. I'd blow away for sure.

6. Go on an aeroplane. Trains and buses are bad enough, but cramming myself into an airline seat would be impossible!

7. Painting, pastels, chalk. Anything of that nature. I'd covered many a clothing item in acrylics...

8. Flirt. I don't do it anyway (don't know how) but if I was trying to impress someone I wouldn't be wearing lolita. Not at first anyway!

9. Rigorous excercise - too sweaty and movement a little restricted.

10. Revise. Have to be all cosy and snugged up or I'd just sit uncomfortably and never get anything done.

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