Sunday, 19 June 2011

Lolita 30 ~ Day 8 ~ Lolita Songs

What?! How can songs inspire me in lolita? I don't understand I'll just do the best I can haha. Will probably be mostly Kanon Wakeshima as I don't listen to much other loltia-esque stuff.

Day 8 – 10 songs that inspire you for lolita.

Moon Kana's 'Lolita' - haha well the name ¬_¬ Kana was the first Japanese artist I found and I love her edgy style and matching edgy vocals.


Moon Kana's 'Moon Wings ~ Tsubasa no Hikari' - it just has a magical ethereal quality which I feel reflects some branches of lolita fashion.


Kanon Wakeshima's 'Still Doll' - come on, she's singing to Alice =P This was the first song of hers I heard. I feel so loli when listening to her (and I get to see her live next month!!).


Kanon Wakeshima's 'Lolitawork Libretto (Storytelling By Solita)' - just so enchanting.


Frank Turner's 'Photosynthesis' - just listen to the lyrics, the song speaks for itself.


Muse's 'Starlight' - I just love Muse so much. This song has a dream-like quality to it which is why I chose it for this list (I prefer their louder stuff =P).


Goldfrapp's 'Ride A White Horse' - Creepy and surreal, but her vocals just scream lolita.


Lady Gaga's 'Hair' - I just love this song! And the 'being yourself' bits are very inspiring. The 'trying to be cool to fit in' bits make me want to claw out her eyes, but if you ignore those bits...

Link to FaceBook as no video.

Fabric's 'Smiling' - Anna's vocals are amazing and I think everyone in lolita must have experienced people being mean but they continue to smile anyway.


Olivia Lufkin's 'Starless Night' - I love all her stuff that I've heard (mostly from Nana haha) but they're all very lolita-like I think.

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