Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Lolita 30 ~ Day 10 ~ Lolita Bag

Back on the challenge now! I'd been being a little lazy and couldn't muster the energy to take a picture of the contents of my bag, especially since my usual lolita bag is my black Angelic Pretty one which isn't at my house right now. So instead, here's my Metamorphose tote bag that I use for university (though when at uni it has additional pencil case (with pens and highlighters) and notes).

Boo bigger pictures look odd with this blog layout. I suppose I should stop being lazy and make my own layout soon.

Below my Lolita 30 post here is some info about my new laptop! Yippee.

Day 10 – What’s in your bag?

1. Book or manga, in case I have to wait around somewhere when out. Just finished reading the Yu-Gi-Oh R series that I borrowed from my other half.

2. Pen, as it's useful to have one. Plus this one doubles as an intelligence test (I'm yet to find anyone who has worked out to turn it on yet haha), although owning it makes me a weeaboo. Apparently.

3. 4head, as I get headaches regularly. I usually have some ibuprofen knocking around too if I get fed up of trying to ignore my headache.

4. My iPhone <3 For long trips I usually bring along my iPod Touch or Nano so I can listen to music without draining my phone battery.

5. Headphones, for the musics yo.

6. Pokéwalker! When in lolita I rarely have safe pockets for it, so in the bag it goes.

7. FOOD. Usually Skittles of a bag of crisps, but I still have Easter chocolate left right now too.

8. Glasses cloth, so I can see! My glasses get so dirty.

9. Purse. Currently favouring this heart shape one as the colour matches my tote. Also my old favourite (a flamingo print one) recently broke and I have been too lazy to fix it yet.

10. Card case containing my library card, bus pass, debit card, NUS card, nectar card, provisional driving license and notes. I love the cats on it, and the colours, which is why I bought this small case instead of a plain one with more slots.

11. Pepsi Max. Or other drink. This is the empty can from my last outing (I always bring them home for recycling).

12. Keys. These are a little boring as I lost my old set!! So no more unicorn key case, pikachu strap or pink memory stick. Have yet to replace my memory stick and no keys for new term time accommodation yet either.

13. DS Lite. For playing Pokémon (and occasionally Yu-Gi-Oh).

14. A magazine. To be perfectly honest, I rarely even flick through them when I take them out as I have so much other (more fun) stuff in my bag. Really it's just there to keep my tote tote-shaped xP Currently loving Kera as I keep getting free copies when I use my shopping service, but I also love GLB, Egg, Popteen and Popsister (I read Glamour too, but that doesn't work as a tote-shaper).

Also, I'd like to share with you my new laptop! You may remember that my old pink Dell Studio died recently as the charger overheated one too many times and proved difficult to replace. My dad kept nagging me to just get a new laptop as the old one was sluggish and had a penchant for overheating and freezing, although obviously this doesn't affect him as it's my laptop and I'm the only one that uses it. I caved in eventually, and took forever in the store to decide on a new one. I wanted pink again, or at least pretty, but the majority of laptops fitting that specification are rubbish, bottom- to middle- range models. Since I wasn't allowed a MacBook (even though dad had said I should get one as Macs are better...but I can see why he changed him mind. So expensive D=) I ended up picking the girliest top-of-the-range laptop I could find (and dad insisted I get the higher-spec model despite additional £100+ cost. But oh well, I wasn't paying so I don't mind!).

Kinda girly, don't you think? It was difficult finding a dainty one as most of the high-spec ones were manly-looking things that were probably too heavy for me to lift! I'm not keen on the keyboard on this one as it has additional number pad which my old laptop didn't have which I find pointless, but I'll soon get used to it. It'll take longer getting used to the lack of backlit keyboard, finger-print scanner, touch keys, top and side bars that my old laptop had though. This one doesn't even have Blu-ray player *le cry* (although I could never get it to work on my old one haha). But hey, IT WORKS and that's the important thing. Will start transferring my files tomorrow if I can figure out how to unzip them all!

Trying to find a cute bag for it, but the one I wanted (Stitch, to match my DS) only comes in 10in and 13in. Anyone know where I can find a cute, colourful, printed laptop case for a 15in laptop?

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