Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Angelic Pretty USA Review ~ Dream Sky

Please forgive the blogging spam today...still have yesterday to cover, my Dream Sky arrived this morning and I picked up my Taobao order from the Post Office depot earlier too and it's all too much for one post I feel!

So my Angelic Pretty USA order arrived bright and early this morning! Their website was easy to use, especially since I had already made an account with them. The only issue I had (other than almost everything being sold out already) was that the black skirt (my first choice) still came up on there but was apparently out of stock. When the other colours sold out they were taken down completely, but the black wasn't =S No biggie though.

Quite well packaged, nice sturdy box and then sweet pink tissue paper. In the AP bag is the order summary!

The barrette! (Yes, I took a photo of it upside down haha). It's actually pretty big which I am glad of. Will look cute in front of a high side pony.

The skirt! I fabric is lovely and the print is gorgeous, although it doesn't show up very well on this colourway (black was my first choice, then navy, then lavender, then a tie between pink and sax). I'm glad I love it so much as in addition to this pink one I got the sax one using a Japanese shopping service (they said that they had been unsuccessful. Then they changed their minds *facepalm*). I was surprised that the ribbon wasn't attached though, which means I'll probably end up losing it or being too dumb to figure out how to tie it!

The tags are in Japanese. I'd half expected them to be in English and priced in dollars, so I was a little surprised.

I love the details AP uses!

Small shirred panel in the back and the cute little AP label (tempted to get it as a tattoo but can't decide where or what colour!).

Little bit of built in pouf.

The outer fabric isn't sewn at the zipper which is a shame, but it won't notice when worn and I was expecting it to be like this as Powder Rose was the same.

The most disappointing thing was the lack of socks, which will be impossible to hunt down (I asked my Japanese shopping service to get them for me but they only got them in sax...at least I got the pink barrette as I was unable to get the sax one).

The order ended up being very expensive, which should come as no surprise. The skirt was $216 and the barrette was $35.50; shipping to the UK was $40.65; import taxes and duties £65 *ouch* - total cost in the region of £245. Confirmation by email was quick and it was arrived reasonably swiftly. I ordered on the 29th of May, the item was shipped on the 2nd of June and tracking number followed later that day (it didn't work for another few days but that isn't AP USA's fault). Arrived on the 14th June. Took a little longer than it should have but that was due to customs and Parcelforce chosing to try to deliver it the one time no one was home.

The whole experience was pretty pleasant. I would say I'd order from them again, but due to the cost of getting the package out of customs I'd prefer to use a Japanese shopping service next time as the value could be marked down to avoid them. However I probably will use them again nonetheless, if they have something I really want (their choice is always limited, the Japanese website stocks loads of things that don't even make it to the International website, let alone the US one) and if I have a lot of money to burn.

Sorry for not having a worn photo yet, all of my lolita clothes are either back at home shoved wherever I found room, packed up waiting for the same fate or in a big box heading to Rob's house! So I haven't even tried it on yet. Thinking that because it's more casual I might risk wearing it over the Summer to try to get my parents used to the idea of me wearing pink patterned things.

Stay tuned for Dream of Lolita review!

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  1. Yay so cute! I wished that there was a loop or something to hold the ribbon in place. I was surprised at how long it was was too.

    Ahhh customs are so harsh! ;_;