Saturday, 4 June 2011

International Lolita Day, 2011

So today was International Lolita Day! It was my first time celebrating it. The weather was good luckily, pretty hot but not too much so, and not too sunny. Rained a little but not much.

Was a pretty stressful day though...was running late in the morning and ended up not having time to sort my hair out (I’d tied it up to get curls but it failed. Add in the wind and a sprinkling of rain and you have me looking like a hot mess). Got to the bus stop just after the bus was due so decided to walk, but turns out the bus was just late. Beat it to the station anyway, but feet were already hurting at this point after a 20min walk (shoes a tad big despite being a size S...I don't even). Then I discovered that loads of the trains had been cancelled and had to wait around for at least half an hour with nowhere to sit...just stood there reading ‘Why does e=mc2?’. Had to stand on the train when it arrived with nothing to hold on to and my petticoat being crushed from all sides...and then a 20min walk to the green. So my feet are not my friends right now! Luckily the ticket I'd bought for Cheltenham was fine for my journey, so I only lost out on £7 in the end.

The picnic was great though! Really nice to meet some more lolitas and everyone looked fabulous. Lots of fun with lolita paparazzi-catching, cupcake eating and chatting about stuff. Most had to skedaddle after a few hours, leaving Hayley, Leah and myself to peruse a few shops and have pots of tea (or hot chocolate in my case). Was sad to have to leave, but I am so tired now!

And now for picture spam! (Mostly stolen from Facebook)

My outfit for the day! Think I overdid the polkadots...but was worth trying =P All Angelic Pretty except the jewellery (Metamorphose and Accessorize), headbow (Baby, The Stars Shine Bright), wristcuffs (handmade, not by me) and tights (Asiajam).

Detail shot! Tried to match my nails with the print on my dress =]

Group shot! Antonia, me, Leah, Katherine, Hayley and Amy.

Obligatory shoe shot!

Obligatory dress shot too, woop.

The food!...Looks like I talk with my hands like my mum does O_o


Sorry for the delay in posting, my laptop charger broke and my laptop ran out in the middle of writing this, tried to finish it on my mum's laptop but my write-up got I tried my charger in desperation and now it is working again. What is this. Lucky!


  1. ah sorry your morning was bad but you looked very cute! I love the lyrical bunny print!

  2. I love everyone's dresses!!
    Nice tights btw...I have the same pair hehee :P

  3. That was in bristol right? I spot fopp on Park Street!
    I am beyond sad I didnt know about this! I would of died of happy!!
    Like stalked you all and been all Swoon...and stand around in a dress hoping someone would notice haha :D...not weird (promise)