Thursday, 28 August 2014

Bodyline Golden Shoes Review

I think just about everyone was excited when Bodyline announced that they were to start making tea party shoes in gold.

I was definitely excited as I had been wanting a pair to wear with Crystal Dream Carnival and various other pieces that feature gold detailing.

These shoes are called SHOES251 and they cost around £30. They kept going out of stock quickly, so when I saw them available in size 230 only, I snapped them up. Unfortunately it seems that I need a 235 in this shoe (their sizes are a bit hit and miss). I'm hoping they will at least be wearable for Revelry though, and if not I will endeavour to sell them there.

I'm pretty impressed with how they look in person. They're an odd textured material but covered in patent, making them shiny but not TOO shiny. The buckles are the snap on ones, which I find to be really handy so you don't have to fiddle with buckles every time you wear them.

I only tried them on quickly and they didn't seem overly comfortable, but most of that is because my toes were pressed into the ends! I think if they fit better they would be perfectly acceptable, but it's difficult for me to say as pretty much all shoes hurt my feet!

I'd definitely recommend them for people looking for gold shoes. While they're be cuter with more of a heel (I have definitely grown out of tea party shoes as they look awkward to me now), they're the cheapest gold shoes you are likely to find and they sell out so quickly that if you changed your mind flogging them should be no issue ;P haha.

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